What is the Law of Correspondence

What is the Law of Correspondence

THE SECRET to a great life can lie within the Law of Correspondence.

Finding balance and happiness means you have to examine your physical and mental attitudes to achieve your goals.

How can the Law of Correspondence help in relationships?

Common phrases related to the Law of Correspondence are: "As above, so below" or "So within, so without."

This refers to your inner world and outer world. In relationships, the people we surround ourselves with can sometimes be mirrors of ourselves.

The key to changing your physical reality is by changing your spiritual one. It's easy to be overwhelmed with emotions over a situation.

The Law of Correspondence is about acknowledging your circumstances and looking at each issue until it's healed. Real change can occur if you take things step by step.

How can the Law of Correspondence help in life?

Whether it's your health or financial situation, just like relationships, finding balance and happiness starts from the inside.

You need to change your mindset of wanting what others have. It's easy to stress about money, but the Law of Correspondence is about aligning positive beliefs to have a positive outcome.

The worse we feel inside, the worse your reality becomes.

Making a shift in your thoughts and feelings is a start to changing your outer life.

How to use the Law of Correspondence?

Using the Law of Correspondence starts with changing your attitude, beliefs and thoughts.

We have sole control over our thoughts. We can take charge of our beliefs and direct our thoughts.

Journaling is a good start to keep your feelings in check. Documenting what you are feeling and going through in your life is a good way to track progress.

Meditation is another tool to clear and quiet your mind. It's a good way to start and end your day.

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