What is the flatiron sex position? Here's why you have to try it | The Sun

What is the flatiron sex position? Here's why you have to try it | The Sun

IF you're looking at spicing up your sex life, the flatiron might be the position for you.

Here's a look at how you and your partner can incorporate it into your bedroom antics.

What is the flatiron sex position?

The flatiron sex position is sure to leave you feeling tired but we promise it will be worth it.

If you and your partner are bored of your usual sex positions, this could be one to add.

The flatiron is a different twist on doggy style and will leave both partners satisfied.

Massimo Stocchi-Fontana, an accredited sexologist, sex coach, and psychotherapist explains how to do it: "One partner lies flat down on their stomach while another straddles the back of their partner's thighs while penetrating from behind.

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"The penetrating partner has the option of either having their legs on the outside of the receiving partner's legs on the inside."

The flatiron has also been compared to the speed bump position, with the only difference being the raising of the hips.

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Does the flatiron sex position burn a lot of calories?

While it is important to note that no sex position is going to burn as many calories as if you want to the gym, the flatiron will still get your heart rate going.

The person who is on top will be in a position similar to a press up so it gets the arm muscles working as well as targeting the shoulders, chest and core.

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Meanwhile, the bottom partner has to tilt their pelvis towards the person above them which engages their core and their upper back.

The average person burns 85 calories during sexual activity in general and with the extra challenge that come with the flatiron, the total burn is likely to be higher than this.

What are the benefits of the flatiron sex position?

The flatiron has multiple benefits due to being such a varied position.

Partners can change the position by the varied depth of penetration when they are switching their leg positions over.

The top partner can switch their legs from being on the outside to the inside multiple times throughout the session while the person on the bottom can simply open and close their legs.

It's also possible to get dual G-spot and clitoral stimulation through this position due to the depth of penetration.

The flatiron may also be an option for those who think they are less endowed as positioning the top partner's legs on the inside of the bottom partner's and the tilted pelvis positioning will enable deeper penetration.

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