We're shopping experts and these are the 10 hacks to help parents save cash in the supermarket

We're shopping experts and these are the 10 hacks to help parents save cash in the supermarket

TIKTOK is full of money-saving tips and tricks, and users are sharing hacks for how they stretch their supermarket shopping budget. 

From yellow sticker hunting to bringing your own bags, the experts at NerdWallet have scrolled through TikTok to discover the top 10 supermarket shopping hacks that can help you save money when buying your groceries.

Time your weekly shop

One of the easiest ways to save money when grocery shopping is to look out for the yellow reduction stickers on items that are close to their sell-by date. 

Many supermarkets will do their reductions at a certain time of day, so all you need to do is discover what time this is in your chosen supermarket.

Just be careful that the draw of the yellow sticker doesn't tempt you into buying items – only buy the items you have planned to purchase otherwise you may actually end up spending more instead of saving.


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BYOB (bags or baskets)

The tip that everyone tries to remember, yet always forgets, meaning an extra charge at the till for a plastic bag. Some savvy TikTokers have created a system to ensure they always have a bag with them. 

This can include always keeping spares in your car, keeping them by the front door or near your keys, placing a reminder on the door or writing ‘bags’ on top of your shopping list.

Choose loose over packaged 

Purchasing loose fruit and vegetables instead of pre-packed can not only save you money, but can also reduce plastic consumption. 

This can also save food wastage as you can only buy what you need, while buying pre-packed means you’ll have a set number and you may not end up using all of them.

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Make the switch

This handy TikTok hack could help households save up to a third on their weekly food shop – switching from premium or branded products to supermarket own or value products.

Usually, the main difference between premium/branded items and supermarket own, is the price. Many often match the branded products when it comes to taste tests, so it’s always worth seeing if they hold up on taste.

Even if you can notice the difference and plan to switch back to the premium brand, you’ll still have saved yourself some money in the short term.

Shop online

Another savvy tip from TikTok is to shop online instead of in store. This can reduce the temptation to impulse buy as you walk around the store, and is especially effective if you food shop while hungry.

No longer will food cravings drive you away from your planned purchases.

Shopping online also allows for 24/7 availability meaning you can shop whenever fits your schedule.

Avoid baskets where possible

Many TikTok hack videos advise shoppers to avoid using a basket if you’re just at the supermarket for a couple of things. 

By not using baskets (or trollies) you’ll reduce the temptation to pick up items that you weren’t planning on buying – unless you’re super strong and can carry hundreds of items that is.

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Get a loyalty/reward card

Another hack from savvy TikTokers is to get loyalty or rewards cards to start collecting points which can be redeemed for discounts against your shop.

Other benefits of these types of cards include birthday discounts, early access to products and exclusive deals/offers.

These exclusive offers can save you a lot of money over a year.

Pick items from the back of the shelf

We all want to get the best dates possible on our food products and make sure the bread we’ve purchased will still be in date in a few days’ time. 

The best tip for ensuring this is to pick items that are at the back of the shelf  as they will most likely have longer best-before dates. 

As they may be fresher, they should last longer, and reduce the likelihood of it being wasted by going out of date before being used.

Don’t shop at eye level

Many supermarkets will place premium items at eye level to encourage shoppers to pick them over cheaper alternatives.

This has led to some TikTok users suggesting scanning the shelves from top to bottom to find the cheaper priced items. 

Download food waste apps

About 6.7million tonnes of food are wasted every year in the UK. Over the last few years a number of food waste apps have been developed to help counter this problem.

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Some of these apps involve rescuing food from cafes, restaurants, bakeries, shops and neighbours that might otherwise be destined for the bin.

Downloading food waste apps such as “Too Good To Go” can help shoppers pick up a bargain on food that stores would otherwise be throwing away.

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