Weekly horoscope for September 12 – 18: What the stars have in store for every zodiac sign revealed

Weekly horoscope for September 12 – 18: What the stars have in store for every zodiac sign revealed


MAR 21 – APR 20

As your planet boss Mars takes over your teamwork sector, you are primed to step up, take charge – and leap before you look, instead of waiting for the perfect moment. 

Love-wise, this can be so exciting, especially around a compelling Leo. 
Yes, if you’re attached, this time a partner will follow your love-lead. So make it count…

DESTINY DAYS Early mornings, especially midweek, are positive decision
points. Make Friday your day to top up love levels. Sunday shines with
“B” new connection potential.

LUCKY LINKS A building with trees on two sides. The friend who’s
always first to say sorry. Numbers that add up to your age.

I CHING INSIGHT Weathering emotional turbulence, and facing up to
difficult truths… all this and more is contained in your I Ching symbol, THUNDER. Only by going through life challenges like this can you really
appreciate the calm after the storm. So although it’s tempting to lie (perhaps through kindness), honesty is the only way. Do keep on talking, even when lovers, friends or family push back, and you can reach a compromise that’s fair for everyone. In love, this I Ching asks you to stop playing safe on the surface and go as deep as your true feelings demand.


APR 21 – MAY 21

Venus settles into your partnership zone, just as Mars starts shaking up your sense of duty. So ways you can find to be, or stay, together in love may be unconventional. But if they work for you, then they work. The moon and Mercury draw your eyes towards three lines — personal or professional — that can change your life. Luck waits at 5 o’clock.

DESTINY DAYS You’re on top of your work game Monday and Tuesday, so set up VIP meets and greets. On Friday spend only what you can afford. But splurge emotional generosity on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS A necklace of green stones. Your second-to-last address. 
Someone who always wears shiny shoes.

I CHING INSIGHT Value feelings above finances, and refuse to keep your
true self hidden — with your symbol PUSHING UPWARDS behind you, this
promises to be such a pro-active week. But you have your part to play. 
It starts with recognising that good change is driven by love first, and
anything else (including money) afterwards. So you can let go of a need
to impress others – and feel your heart draw you towards something or
someone so unlikely. Save the highest value in your life for respect,
giving it and receiving it.


MAY 22 – JUNE 21

Upfront planet Mars cuts through dithering and gets big choices done and dusted. Maybe a solution isn’t perfect, but at least it’s happening, that’s what matters this week. A food delivery of some kind carries a career option with it, and if love is your main focus, this time you go for what feels good in your heart, rather than what (or who) looks good in your news feed.

DESTINY DAYS It’s all systems go on Monday – direct energy towards
getting “W” projects finished. Smart styling skills on Thursday can get
you noticed. A Saturday date can start a lifetime connection.

LUCKY LINKS A shirt in blue and white checks. A question with five
answers. The second dish on a menu.

I CHING INSIGHT Your I Ching, OPPOSITION, shows an inner tug-of-war because you strive to present a toned-down or dressed up version of
yourself. At work, at play and especially in love, this leaves your
genuine vulnerable self locked away. So bonds feel less rewarding than
they should. Keeping love secrets, hiding behind a mask, can feel like
the safe option – but it’s time to break free from this shield of smart
remarks if you want to love or live as your true self.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

If you sense homelife needs a reboot – at the start of the week you can encounter the perfect person to help this happen. This time, don’t let them get away. Get key plans shared, and fast-tracked, ASAP. But in romantic terms, Venus urges a less all-or-nothing approach. Respect and fun can work so well together, in your hands. Luck circles “94”.

DESTINY DAYS Tuesday and Wednesday are potential promotion days. 
Restore your name to a VIP list on Thursday. Dedicate some Sunday time
to just watching the world go by.

LUCKY LINKS Music with a link to France. A family who share the same
first initial. A logo of a castle.

I CHING INSIGHT Self-doubt turning into self-confidence, and genuine
feelings developing in a natural way — all these and more are signalled
by REVOLUTION. The wheel of fortune is clearly on your side according
to this I Ching, but you do need to play your part. Instead of criticising a partner, family member or workmate, simply start to model the kind of behaviour you would like to see, and share. And if you’re
single, calmly and quietly approach someone you like, rather than
waiting for them to make a move.


JULY 23 – AUG 23

You’re a one-off blend of self-control and self-confidence this week as planets regroup. And your contacts chart feels the full benefit of outgoing, and incoming, planet Mars. Any calls or chats you have been putting off can happen. Plus your passion profile is poised for a surprise status update. Your luckiest number sequences start or end with “8”.

DESTINY DAYS Review and maybe revise long-term pairings on Tuesday and Thursday. Mix up your contacts list on Wednesday for a high-fun result. Saturday is a day to watch and wait.

LUCKY LINKS Your all-time favourite brand of biscuit. A woman who
loves talking about her travels. The third page from the back of a “D”

I CHING INSIGHT Your symbol this week is a really positive one. Yes, it
is INCREASE, strongly showing that good influences are gathering around
you, ready to push you forward and sustain your personal growth. And
crucial luck pieces fall into place when you make a conscious shift from
passive to active. Ask for change, make decisions, go looking for luck
instead of waiting for it to find you. And if you face a choice between
two totally different faces or futures, make it with confidence.


AUG 24 – SEPT 22

Get set for a strategic cash switch as you have chart energy to grab bargains and see straight to the next stage of a money plan. If you need to leave less bold people behind, you can. And come back for them when you’re ready. In love, as Venus takes everyday words and makes them into something
extra-special, be prepared to feel your heart flip.

DESTINY DAYS Read, and hear, every tiny detail on Tuesday – you’ll need
them later in the week. Revisit a love or loyalty promise on Thursday. 
Keep Saturday free — for filming.

LUCKY LINKS Your most recently married relative. Cobbled streets. 
Autumn shades of russet and bronze.

I CHING INSIGHT Yes, you are ready to release TENSION in your heart and
your life and start on a new path of simple freedom. If you are in a
relationship, tension can arise from always looking ahead, imagining
what could go wrong. Replace this with simple two-way trust and a
willingness to talk about anything together, and shadows will shrink. If you’re single, then tension can arise from a conviction that only one
“type” of partner will do. Widen your net, open your heart and let
emotional satisfaction come to you.


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

Mighty Mars is on the move — straight into your own star space. So for the next few weeks you can expect more, and tolerate less. And if you need to make strong points, or achieve big ideas, all the energy and drive is with you. But in the love universe, Venus is more cautious, willing to give someone special more time. This can be rewarded with a sexy surprise.

DESTINY DAYS Monday is Make Up Your Mind Day – you do know why. On
Wednesday, vary a regular route to see something amazing. Fix a family
catch-up for Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS A road with an “O” name. The colours of your first school
uniform. A TV show featuring a former footballer.

I CHING INSIGHT Personal journeys, inside and out, are the theme of
your symbol, THE TRAVELLER. Yes, on one level you can be heading for a
dream location – but even more rewarding is the distance you cover
within your own emotions. Instead of protecting yourself and staying on
a solo road of trust, you can start to open up to other people, let them
walk beside you. The key is drawing a line under past hurts, or
mistakes, and looking only forward – to your own personal happiness


OCT 24 – NOV 22

Secrets don’t suit you as absolute honesty floods into your chart – enhancing significant links. Being 100% yourself is the key to breaking a recent passion pattern. 

But with Venus cosying up in your own sign, you can get away with all
kinds of sexy mischief. Enjoy this… Work-wise, this is a week to get
cash details sorted out first, then let your imagination run riot.

DESTINY DAYS Wednesday is Scorpio Wake Up Day – you see exciting
opportunities everywhere. Add up property numbers again on Friday. 
Sunday, celebrate simple successes.

LUCKY LINKS Navy blue and white stripes. The last number on your
missed calls list. The relative who is always last to leave.

I CHING INSIGHT Your symbol PEACE shows that although you may keep
everything peaceful and calm on the surface, it’s what’s underneath that
really counts. If you’re in a couple, although it seems simpler to let
one partner make all the big decisions, changing this to a shared
process means all needs and desires can be discussed and met. If
you’re single, instead of putting your deepest dreams on hold while you
look for love, start fulfilling them. You’ll find personal peace and,
when you are ready, the perfect partner will appear.


NOV 23 – DEC 21

Everything vulnerable inside you can be shared when you access Venus’ new levels of emotional understanding. Plus your week starts with a personal moon that sets the scene for great everyday breakthroughs. From working less to living better, you can make it happen. If friends expect too much, you know it’s time to take action. Choose a “T” day.

DESTINY DAYS Fix a wish in your mind on Tuesday to feel it start coming
true. Wednesday tasks should include looking again for a missing item. 
On Friday, you bring the party.

LUCKY LINKS A neighbour with a medical-based job. Music that reminds
you of a special anniversary. A space painted pastel blue.

I CHING INSIGHT Have you been wondering what’s holding back your career success? Your I Ching POTENTIAL reveals…it’s yourself. This symbol
underlines that you have the skills and resources you need to make a
success of any career you choose. But by thinking of this as a distant
dream rather than an achievable reality, you keep your natural potential
locked away. Yes, you may need to try new paths, take on new
responsibilities. But when you genuinely control your own destiny, every
step you take will be a positive one.


DEC 22 – JAN 20

All your big ambitions just got bigger — but also more manageable. As your chart burns with warrior planet fire plus the extra energy of a midweek Pluto and moon bond. Yes, you’ve got it going on, and you can redesign any goal to fit you better, find faster success. Passion-wise, asking a friend to
choose from three options for you is a smart love move.

DESTINY DAYS Monday and Wednesday are tidying up time – at work, at
home, in your conscience. A beauty counter can link to prizes on
Friday. Get up early on Saturday to kickstart a new fitness strategy.

LUCKY LINKS Earrings shaped like shells. Birdsong in an unexpected
place. An address exactly 50 miles away.

I CHING INSIGHT If you feel you are currently at a love crossroads, 
PROGRESS can signpost you safely through it. The first key I Ching fact —
you are ready to take the road that’s right for you, not the one you
feel you should choose. If you’re in a relationship, this involves
thinking and speaking for yourself, not letting a partner do it. If
you’re single, someone introduced by a trusted friend, who always helps
you out in a crisis, can be a perfect companion on the next stage of
your life journey.


JAN 21 – FEB 18

You want more, you need more — now you can get more, as Venus sets the pace in your go-for-gold sector. So however out of your league a passion plan may appear, it can happen when the time is right. Yes, that can be this week! Physically you make a unique impact — at home, at work and in love. And get noticed at last by the one name you respect the most.

DESTINY DAYS Take your time on Tuesday, tick all work boxes. Friday,
enter talent-based competitions. Add your name to a music list on

LUCKY LINKS A house with a Hollywood-style name. The first song that
pops up in your memory, first thing today. A store with a weather-themed window display.

I CHING INSIGHT Your symbol MUTUAL INFLUENCE advises you that caring and committed feelings flow both ways within a couple, no matter what has happened lately, or how casual one partner may appear. Bring these emotions out by stepping back, offering support with no strings, but
also being clear about the security you need. If you’re single, slow burn “M" love, with strong feelings in two hearts, is so close to your life now. Start as friends and build up from there.


FEB 19 – MAR 20

Feelings that have been a mystery are clearing and can bring surprises on several levels. Your “type” is turning upside down in love, as someone unusual, even unlikely, is coming closer. If you’re attached, a role swop, in bed and/or out of it, can prove a Pisces revelation. Jupiter gathers prize luck linked to a team of twelve. Your name can be travelling West.

DESTINY DAYS You have more answers than you think on Monday. Be
patient on Wednesday, especially with someone younger. Double-check a
verbal offer on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS A family with three teenagers. A yellow and blue logo. 
The name you think of when you hear 80s songs.

I CHING INSIGHT If you’re patiently waiting for the right person to
rock up and take you towards the fast lane, then your I Ching LEADERSHIP
reveals the wait is over – because that person is yourself. Recasting
yourself as the key player in your own life can attract luck, and set
you free from impossible outside expectations. If you’re attached,
your partner will find this independent streak irresistible, and you’ll
discover how many dreams you do both share. If you’re single, stop
following other people’s rules for romance, even if this takes you
towards totally unexpected arms.

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