The Kardashians' outfits were 'inappropriate' at Mason's Bar Mitzvah and show they 'think the rules don't apply to them' | The Sun

The Kardashians' outfits were 'inappropriate' at Mason's Bar Mitzvah and show they 'think the rules don't apply to them' | The Sun

The Kardashians flouted religious rules at Mason Disick’s recent Bar Mitzvah, trashing it with their reckless outfits, a fashion expert has said.

And she thinks Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian used the 13-year-old's milestone event as a self-serving photo op.

In an exclusive interview, image consultant Sarah Liller told The U.S. Sun: “Mason's Bar Mitzvah became about the Kardashian's wanting to look good in a photo op rather than a 13-year-old celebrating his coming of age.

“This party was after an important religious ceremony where Mason would've had to study, follow rules and traditions, and read from the Torah.

“Normally, parents and family would be respectful towards the young man, yet some of the clothes his family wore were misplaced.

“Kim, Kourtney, Kylie and Khloe made a mistake and seem to think they live in a different world where the rules of society don't apply.”

Mason Disick’s Bar Mitzvah took place over the weekend when his family joined him at a private religious ceremony.

This was followed by a party at the Offsunset Lounge in West Hollywood, where guests celebrated alongside balloons, sparklers and a two-tier birthday cake.

But while these types of religious events usually follow the same format and shine a light on the child, they also mark the time when they become a Jewish adult with responsibility for their own actions.

Guests at Mason's party included the teenager's mom, Kourtney, and his siblings, Reign and Penelope.

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Kim and her two older children, Saint and North, also joined alongside Khloe, Kris, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

“If there are family members, and especially if the ceremony's happening at the synagogue beforehand, I always advise my clients to wear something a little more conservative and understated, " adds Sarah.

"Mason’s mom Kourtney wore a black suit, which could've been really lovely, except that she's wearing it with a bra and her stomach's showing.

“It could've been appropriate if she'd picked a blouse to go with it, or at least something that covers her stomach.

"Even if this was a corseted top, it would've been a bit more appropriate.

“I don’t know what they wore for the religious ceremony before the party, but when you're going to a religious ceremony, you want to cover your shoulders and not show too much cleavage or legs.

“Men should be in a collared shirt, some slacks, and there should be no sneakers.

“If it's a little more casual and it's not going to be at an actual synagogue, just something like a nice cocktail dress is fine.

"If it's out on the West Coast and it is more casual, I'd say at least like a really nice pair of jeans.

“But you want to dress in an elevated, formal sort of way and stay thoughtful for the child’s special day.

"The other thing is that I believe Mason would've studied and gone through schooling to have the Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

“So again, he's had to work to get to this point and so it's strange seeing these type of outfits in the mix.”

On Saturday, Scott Disick, who is Jewish, arrived separately at Mason's event alongside his other son Reign.

Kourtney's former partner also looked subdued, dressed conservatively in black boots and an understated shirt.

Khloe, on the other hand, took the opportunity to rock up at the venue decked out in a black figure-hugging outfit and went on to post photos of the herself with the family online.

At the time, the celebrity wrote: "Mazel Tov Mason!!! The girls and I attempted to take some pics."

“I noticed that the women were mostly wearing all black for Mason's party," explains Sarah.

“But then I don't know if they wore black only because they were trying to be cohesive.

"I did notice that Kendall seemed a bit more formal than some of the others.

“Kendall seemed the most appropriately dressed because she was wearing something that was ankle length, was longer, and didn't show too much skin.

“It was a little bit too sexy for a Bar Mitzvah party, but still just about appropriate and she did pull it off.

“With Kylie, her dress is a bit odd because it looks like latex, and so her dominatrix look was unsuitable.

“What I noticed especially was Kim's outfit, since she's wearing a rocker T-shirt or a tour T-shirt that she could've bought at a pop concert.

“She has a bare midriff and is wearing these eye-catching embellished leather pants.

“She looks more like she's going out clubbing with her friends than going to celebrate Mason and his coming of age, so this is also inappropriate.

“Kim could've picked a blouse to go with those pants.

“Then Khloe has her black all-in-one catsuit on and looks like catwoman.

“I don't understand exactly what she was going for with that catsuit, but the positive aspect of it is that she's covered.

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“These aren't the looks that I'd pick for a client going to a Bar Mitzvah party because it doesn't have the feeling of formality that you'd want for this child's special, religious occasion.

“The Kardashian's have access to stylists and so many beautiful clothes which makes it even more surprising that they would've made these clothing choices for Mason’s big event.”

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