The humble denim mini skirt is back and I can’t get enough

The humble denim mini skirt is back and I can’t get enough

Written by Alice Porter

The denim mini skirt is back. Here are six ways you can style it if you’re unsure about the Y2K trend.

The denim skirt is a particularly nostalgic piece of clothing for me. I wore one when I was a child, with Groovy Chick T-shirts and Heelys, and then when I was a teenager, over leggings or fishnet tights – a style statement if ever there was one. But now in 2022, the denim skirt is back and it’s simpler than ever. 

Unlike its variations of the past few years, which were mostly high-waisted, the denim skirts we’re seeing everywhere right now are very much part of the Y2K trend. If you’re like me and the thought of low-waisted denim makes you want to curl up into a ball and hide, this might sound scary. But a denim skirt has become a gateway drug of sorts for me into the world of low-waisted bottoms and Y2K fashion as a whole. 

The denim skirt in question is from Bershka and it’s technically mid-rise – but that’s low enough for me right now. The skirt is in a classic shade of blue, making it super easy to style. I’ve been wearing it on pretty much a daily basis, for after-work walks, dinners and even nights out. Here, I’ve styled it six ways, in order to make the case that it most definitely is a piece worth adding to your wardrobe. 

  • Keep it simple

    Don’t overthink the styling when it comes to wearing a denim skirt.

    A denim skirt is a straightforward item which might make you think you need to pair it with something exciting. But sometimes, keeping it simple is a good thing and that’s certainly the case for this outfit which I’ve been wearing non-stop this summer.

    Tucking a white vest into my denim skirt, throwing on a pair of Converse and this Ganni crossbody bag has become my go-to combo for a day out in the city. It also looks great with a leather jacket when the weather is a little bit cooler.

  • Try a crop top

    Pairing a denim skirt with a crop top feels very Y2K.

    For ultimate Y2K points, I have been enjoying styling my denim skirt with a crop top, like this H&M cherry print vest. Showing off my lower belly is a foreign concept for me but it’s pretty freeing to do so after years of my tummy being covered by high-waisted styles. 

    One thing I like about low-waisted bottoms is that people of all shapes and sizes are embracing them, not just people with flat stomachs as was common (and totally toxic) in the 00s.

  • When in doubt, throw on a shirt

    Pairing a shirt with my denim skirt is a great way to make it feel a little bit more mature.

    An oversized shirt is my fallback for pretty much every outfit, whether it’s buttoned up, thrown on as a jacket or layered with a blazer in the winter. Pairing this pale blue shirt with my denim skirt creates a tonal effect which feels chic enough to wear for the office and fun enough for after-work drinks.

  • Denim, but make it festival fashion

    I wore my denim skirt to a festival recently.

    I’m guilty of buying an entirely new outfit for a festival, mostly because I think it’s a good opportunity to wear extravagant things I wouldn’t usually opt for in daily life. But when I found this pink iridescent scarf top, I knew it would look great with my denim skirt.

  • Opt for a casual summer look

    My go-to outfit this summer.

    You probably don’t need me to tell you that a T-shirt and Birkenstocks look good with a denim skirt because a T-shirt and Birkenstocks look great with most things. But I’ve been wearing some variation of this outfit every time I’ve left the house for the past few months and it hasn’t failed me yet.

  • Save your skirt for autumn

    Denim skirts are great for transitional dressing.

    I know it’s sort of blasphemy to talk about transitional dressing when the weather is about to hit 30 degrees (and trust me – it was punishment enough trying this jumper on in my sweaty flat) but the denim skirt is a great piece to bring into autumn and winter with you. An oversized jumper like this one I found on Depop sits perfectly on top of a mini skirt and it might even help you to balance out your temperature on those days when the weather just doesn’t know what to do with itself.

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