Tattooist shows off client's new 'shooting star' freckle inking, but everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

Tattooist shows off client's new 'shooting star' freckle inking, but everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

A TATTOOIST has caused controversy by showing off her client's new "shooting star" freckle inkings.

Daisy took to TikTok to share a video of G's facial tattoos, with a "Leo constellation tucked away in there as well".

"They came with me with a super fun idea, to start their freckles in the top corner of their face and go downwards diagonally like a shooting star," Daisy said.

"G has been doing their make-up like this for a while, so they knew that they loved it already, I’m just turning it into a tattoo.

"The Leo constellation was for G’s dad, and instead of standard freckle shapes, if you look really closely you can see that they’re little twinkles with one of the points on the constellation as a giant sunburst freckle.

"The rest are standard freckle tattoos and they will heal down to look pretty subtle and pretty natural."

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Daisy added that while she doesn't have any more appointments booked in with G, she had asked them to send a "healed photo".

And while Daisy had insisted that the tattoos "won't stay that red", the comments section was quickly filled with people comparing the finished look to a "rash".

"It’s giving bug bites," one wrote.

"chicken pox," another added.

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"This literally looks like a rash," a third insisted.

"Wtf," a fourth commented.

"I thought she had skin disease," another wrote.

While someone else added: "This should be made illegal as they will regret it it when they're older."

Others were more complimentary, with one writing: "Oh I love this, such a fab idea."

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