Sweets company shows off a product but mortified people are all saying the same thing – & you won’t be able to unsee it | The Sun

Sweets company shows off a product but mortified people are all saying the same thing – & you won’t be able to unsee it | The Sun

A COMPANY that specialises in marshmallows has left social media users mortified after revealing one of its latest sweets.

Sweet experts, The Marshmallow Co., are known for their creative flavours and stunning designs – but this time, the Aussie brand went viral for all the wrong reasons.

After coming across their TikTok account (@themarshmallowco), one foodie couldn't resist the temptation and ordered a pack of the sweet treats.

Eager to finally devour it, the person, from New Zealand, requested the brand to film how the packaging process of their purchase.

''If you're free could you pack my order please – it's #111836.''

The food expert then proceeded to film the process and set off to work, sharing the clip on TikTok.

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''Let's make and pack this marshmallow order for Sincere from New Zealand.

''Up first, is our brand new Choc Churro marshmallow.

''It's a chocolate fudge flavoured marshmallow rolled in our special cinnamon sugar mix,'' the sweets fan explained in the video.

Although initially the whizz was sceptical about the combination of the two, he couldn't believe how good it came out.

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''It's like dipping a churro into chocolate fudge – it's so good.''

But whilst the Aussie pro couldn't stop raving about the flavour, it was the eerie appearance of the marshmallow that left everyone mortified.

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Hundreds flocked to comments in horror, saying the sweet bite looked like human skin and flesh.

One exclaimed: ''I thought it was a huge slab of powdered skin for a moment.''

Someone else couldn't believe their eyes: ''OMG I THOUGHT THAT WAS A STOMACH FOR A SECOND.''

''I watch too much Dr Miami I thought this was skin,'' a third was horrified.

''Me too! Skin Removal surgery,'' a TikTok fan reckoned.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time someone's had bad luck with their sweets – and the rising YouTube star Robert Tolppi knows a thing or two about mega fails.

To make his birthday celebrations a little easier, the bloke decided to have a bakery make a cake – and he even found a stunning design to order.

In his mind, he would serve a red velvet cake with black roses.

But upon opening the delivered treat, Robert was mortified and quickly realised the major error he had made.

Rather than sending a snap of the cake he wanted, the YouTuber attached the wrong image by mistake – it was a close-up selfie of the bloke looking rather stern.

It appears that the bakery did not question Robert about wanting a cake that is a replica of his face and did not ask him if that's what he truly wanted – because when he opened the box, he saw his own reflection.

Mortified and unsure what else to do, Robert decided to stick a few candles and go forward with the celebrations anyway.

''At least it was a red velvet cake,'' he chuckled in the caption of the video uploaded on TikTok.

The unfortunate fail has since gone viral, racking up over a 741k views in just a few hours.

And it's safe to say, social media users were in hysterics, with one writing: ''they must get some weird requests if they didn't automatically question the picture lmao.''

Another laughed: ''Task failed successfully.''

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Many also thought the face cake was, in fact, better than what he had originally wanted.

''the face cake is totally better. So it’s a happy accident.''

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