Super organised mum spends hours making ‘baby packs’ so her hospital stay is easier and others love her idea

Super organised mum spends hours making ‘baby packs’ so her hospital stay is easier and others love her idea

THERE'S a lot to consider when preparing for a new baby, so anything to avoid added pressures in the first couple of days would be super beneficial for new mums and dads.

To make her stay in hospital that much easier, one mum has revealed her super organised packing technique after stressful and panicked nappy changes the first time around.

The organised mum shared how she spent hours making "baby packs" to keep in her hospital bag making it easier for her and her husband to find what they need.

Taking to Facebook, she revealed how when their first child was born it was her husband's job to get everything out of the bag when it was time to change the new bub.

But in doing so, he managed to leave the bag in an awful mess making it harder for either of them to sort.

Having learned from their first mistake, the expectant mum decided to arrange ready-made packs using zip-lock bags which had everything they needed each time.

This means they simply have to pull out a pack leaving the rest of the bag untouched.

Alongside snaps of her perfectly organising zip-lock bags, she wrote: "I just wanted to share a tip when packing your hospital bag.When my son was being dressed for the first time, it was hubbies responsibility to get every thing out of the bag for baby.

"He had to fumble around finding the right size, one of everything he needed etc. He left the bag in a mess, and everything got jumbled up, so for the rest of the stay, we had to dig through the bag to find things.

"This time around, I have it all sorted. I have popped outfits together into large zip lock bags and labelled them. This is going to make it quicker and ten times easier to get what's needed."

In each pack the mum revealed she's put a nappy, a singlet, a onesie and a swaddle – and she even has a couple of packs for herself, too, with some extra knickers and some comfy clothes.

She wrote: "They are labelled with what size the pack is. I also have extra packs with extra onesies/singlets for blowouts/changes. I have also packed extra nappies as obviously baby won't change clothes with every nappy change.

"In the 'mum' pack I have a pair of high wasted leggings, a maternity bra, a pair of old undies, a singlet and a top. I also have a toiletries pack. This way all I need to grab when going for shower is a mum pack and my toiletries pack."

She also said the bags could double as "wet bags for dirty laundry" and said "it's much more organised and quicker to find what you need".

Needless to say, other members of the Facebook group were super impressed by the clever organising hack with many vowing to try it themselves.

"Great tip! Will be doing this later in the year!" one woman wrote.

And another added: " Wow this is awesome & a big help as I will be getting ready to start packing my hospital bag & I'm having a c section so this will be a huge help, thankyou so much."

Even a midwife chimed in and couldn't love the idea enough.

She wrote: "I’m a midwife, I’ll be giving this tip out for sure! Great idea (I love a good suitcase/packing capsule)."

And another parent wrote: "My whole life is organised into zip-lock bags."

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