Sofia Richie Grainge swears by SPF that lets her ‘bask in the sun’

Sofia Richie Grainge swears by SPF that lets her ‘bask in the sun’

Skincare lovers can shop hundreds of brands on Amazon, with regular discounts on top products.

Protect your skin against harmful UV rays with EltaMD’s supercharged cream, which contains SPF 40, hyaluronic acid to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay, and added hydration.

Summer may be coming to end, but protecting skin from harmful UV rays is a year-round neccessity.

Sofia Richie Grainge has become a style and beauty icon, with millions of beauty fans following her makeup routine and favourite products, especially in the run-up to her wedding earlier this year.

She recently reported to WhoWhatWear in an Instagram video ”my favourite SPF would have to be Elta. It is the only SPF I feel I can wear all day and it doesn’t break me out, it doesn’t clog my pores and I can bask in the sun and have a nice glow’.

Although EltaMD isn’t widely available in the UK, luckily shoppers can get hold of it on Amazon, and the SPF cream is currently less than half price.

Buy: EltaMD UV Daily SPF 40 (£14.20)

EltaMD is stocked on Amazon’s premium beauty section, as the brand is on the expensive side, but with the current discount, it’s a good chance to try a key product from the range.

As a model who is constantly taking part in magazine shoots and beauty campaigns, it’s clearly important to Sofia to take care of her skin, but the EltaMD UV Daily SPF 40 also has over 700 reviews on Amazon from everyday skincare users, which is handy when deciding whether to invest.

Not only does it have a high SPF content to protect the skin, the cream also contains hyaluronic acid to target fine lines and wrinkles, meaning it can be used as a daily moisturiser and not just as a sunscreen.

Some reviews do mention that the product has made their skin oily, so it may not suit everyone, especially those who already have oily skin.

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Shoppers have been leaving feedback on the moisturising sunscreen, with some calling it ‘worth every penny’.

Nead said: ”Very lightweight, very effective. I was out working in 25° heat and applied this to my face once before work. Never got burned. 10/10.”

Jade also added: ”Bought this product on a whim after watching some skin care review videos… I can honestly say is worth every penny! Formula smells great, feels great and looks great! It’s smooth, lightweight and slightly dewy finish means I can wear everyday just as a moisturiser. For a light product it makes my skin feel super hydrated whilst providing high SPF. I wear a moisturiser underneath too and the products don’t pill when layered. Massively recommend!!”

Akshay Munot said: ”Did a lot of research before buying this, it said it doesn’t make the skin oily – well it does.”

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