'Sneering' The View cohost is the show's 'ringleader' while another isn't as confident as she appears to be, expert says | The Sun

'Sneering' The View cohost is the show's 'ringleader' while another isn't as confident as she appears to be, expert says | The Sun

ONE cohost on The View thinks of herself far more highly than the others on the popular daytime TV panel, a body-language expert has said.

And she claims some of the morning presenter's face-pulls, heckles, eye-rolls, and smirks in a recent Instagram clip expose divides within the group.

This week, The View cohosts each revealed a hidden talent in a social media video.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, and Joy Behar took turns telling viewers about one of their secret skills.

Kicking off the conversation was Alyssa, who started reeling off all 50 states in alphabetical order.

Next up was Sunny, who revealed she could twirl a baton, followed by Sarah who said she could juggle, walk on her hands, and twerk.

Ana went next, revealing she is skilled at competitive synchronized swimming.

Joy finished off, saying she's good at playwriting.

Fans were quick to comment on the clip

One wrote: “These ladies think way too much of themselves!!”

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Another agreed, saying: “You are so full of yourself!”

A third fan commented: “Ana seems to be extremely pleased with herself.”


In an exclusive interview, body-language expert Judi James told The U.S. Sun: “The gestures we see in the clip are a world away from the behaviors we normally get from the hosts.

"They're behaving differently to when they're set up and prepped on camera.

“There are plenty of real power and ego signals from these five hosts, who appear to love themselves.

"There are hints of who might be bluffing when it comes to confidence and bravado.

“Asking this group of strong women a lightweight question when they're hyped up and about to go on set is very revealing and clear.

“While Alyssa’s delivery is cute and pseudo-infantile, Sunny isn’t as confident as she makes out she is.

“Sarah tries to be the leader while using facial expressions and gestures involving sneering, counting, and a thumb jerk.

“Ana appears arrogant and uses an overkill pose.

"Joy shows a power posture and has a big ego, but it's Sarah who has the biggest one of them all.

“If Whoopi had been there, I’m sure she would’ve been looking down at them all over her spectacles.

"Whoopi would've shown them all up with her authority and experience.”

The View panel is packed with an array of skilled media professionals.

These include seasoned journalists, commentators, and veteran media stars.

Since Meghan McCain's departure, viewers have enjoyed relative stability with them and a regular panel of hosts in place.

They are known to pick apart the day's most pressing issues with competence.

Our expert notes that while the cohosts' professional talent is clear, their gestures surrounding more personal, hidden ones are telling.


Alyssa, 33, was the director of strategic communications under former President Donald Trump.

She also worked as the press secretary for former Vice President Mike Pence.

She married business school graduate Justin Griffin in 2021.

The CNN contributor also posts pics on Instagram showing off her vacations, date nights, and her dog, Herbie.

"Alyssa launches into beauty pageant body language in the clip," Judi said.

"This makes her look like the only woman in the team who's promoting visuals over wit and wisdom.

"Alyssa put the most effort into working the camera and describes her hidden talent as she performs it.

"She does self-effacing eye-rolls, and giggles while doing a little dance.

"Her metronomic hand waggles suggest a desire to be liked.

"Alyssa's ego is the largest when it comes down to looks."


Sunny, 54, is a lawyer and journalist, as well as a mom of two.

She and husband Emmanuel Hostin, an orthopedic surgeon, are parents to Gabriel, 20, and Paloma, 16.

"Sunny's tightest of lip purses combined with an eye smile suggests the subject is closed after she makes her claim," Judi said.

"She performs a dramatic mid-air hand-wobble mime in the clip as an act of distraction.

"This suggests she's not as confident as she is trying to look.

"Her gesture is passive-aggressive but her body language is incongruent, suggesting she's holding back and has insecurity.

"This in turn suggests a desire to mask her vulnerable side.

"Sunny might pose like a possessor of a big ego, but the face-pulling and the dramatic hand gesture suggest it's an act."


Sara, 45, is a reporter and correspondent, and mom of three.

She's married to attorney Max Shifrin.

Sara recently launched her own solo interview series called Just Curious with Sara.

"Sara's power and status signals are the highest of the group," Judi said.

"She talks the longest in a deeper voice than she uses on set and even heckles the others, suggesting a desire to be a tough leader.

"Sara's lurch toward the camera signals she’ll challenge authority.

"She’s funny though, which makes her the popular ring-leader."


Ana, 51, is a political strategist and seasoned commentator.

She married lawyer Al Cárdenas in 2019 and divides her time between Miami and New York City.

"Ana performs the front-out, unsmiling hard stare body language ritual here as she states her hidden talent.

"Her lips purse to suppress any smile as she defies you to laugh.

"She looks strong to the point of arrogant while her hand on the hip is a partial splay to invite any challenge.

"It lets you know she will win the discussion. But Ana's overkill pose suggests she has insecurities as well."


Joy Behar, 80, is the only original host on the ABC talk show panel.

The comedian, author, and actress has been married twice and has a daughter.

She splits her time between Manhattan and the Hamptons.

"Joy could have formed the biggest ego and power posture of the group," Judi said.

"But she's dismissive and the behavior suggests she’s got more important things to do than joke about like the others.

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"Joy's gestures show congruent confidence as she dashes past the camera with a thrown-back reply in pure A-list, ‘avoid the paparazzi’ style.

"Joy's experience in the job means she has no need to sell herself to anyone in the group or elsewhere, playfully or not."

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