Smart mum hacks to make homeschooling a breeze – including a clever spoon trick that'll helps your child's handwriting

Smart mum hacks to make homeschooling a breeze – including a clever spoon trick that'll helps your child's handwriting

AT this point, it feels we've been homeschooling the kids for approximately 10,0000 years.

And we don't know about you but we've exhausted every Joe Wicks workout, completed all the arts and crafts and watched the whole of Horrible Histories. Twice.

Well if you've also hit a brick wall with homeschooling, then you might want to take a leaf out of Lisa Nolan' book.

The savvy mum has been sharing her top tips for educating kids at home on TikTok during lockdown – and she's got plenty of tricks up her sleeve if your little ones struggle to stay focused.

From a genius handwriting trick to a smart home economics lesson, Lisa's hacks promise to make homeschooling absolute breeze.

Clever Handwriting Trick

Earlier this month, Lisa revealed how she improves her son's handwriting in just a few easy steps.

The mum recommended buying shorter pencils and pens as they are "less weight" to hold and offer "more support to little hands".

In order to make her son's writing a bit clearer, the mum asks him to space out every word with a spoon.

She wrote: "Make a spacer to help with gaps between words!"

And when she's overseeing his homework, Lisa will go over the lined paper with pen so it's easier for him to write straight.

She added: "Thicken the lines to help children see! Simple."

Re-Focussing Activity

During the school day, the kids are bound to get distracted at point – that's just inevitable.

To avoid wasting too much time, Lisa recommends this quick and easy activity which she claims calms kids down and gets them to focus again.

She said: "Draw on your child's back and get them to guess the pictures you're making.

"It'll make them calm and focussed!"

Turn the kitchen into a classroom

With kids being unable to go to school right now, our homes have turned into one giant classroom.

And one of the perks of home-schooling is how it allows you to work lessons in around your schedule.

The mum recommends turning your nightly meal prep into lesson for your children.

In another video, Lisa filmed her son practising his maths by weighing out the ingredients for their dinner.

What's more, it also doubled up as a science lesson as she taught him about "gasses, liquids and steam" while cooking on the hob.

Explaining how he was "cooking through the curriculum", Lisa's son learnt measurements, estimates and fractions in how he laid out the frozen chips on a baking tray.

After he read out the instructions too, she captioned the clip: "Getting kids to help you cook teaches them maths, English, science & languages!"

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