Skull theory: How accurate is it and can it tell if you are having a boy or a girl? – The Sun | The Sun

Skull theory: How accurate is it and can it tell if you are having a boy or a girl? – The Sun | The Sun

"IS it a boy or a girl?" is perhaps the most common question during pregnancy.

If you're expecting and wanting to guess the sex of your baby before you reach 20 weeks you might be able to with this theory.

According to Netmums, Skull Theory is a test that can be carried out after you've had your 12-week scan.

The site states that many parents swear by skull theory but that there is no scientific evidence to back it up.

The theory is that you can tell your baby's sex from the shape of their skull from the black and white scans you're given at the hospital or clinic.

If you want to test the theory out yourself all you need is

  • your 12-week scan picture
  • a magnifying glass
  • the below information on skull shape and size



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According to Netmums, parents-to-be have had various results on the accuracy of the test.

However, they noted that one tip they had was that a boy's forehead slopes and a girl's head is more rounded.

But is there really any truth to the test?

Experts state there isn't.

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Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Shazia Malik told The Sun that there was "no meaningful scientific evidence of it being meaningfully accurate".

While skull theory this is not something recommended by midwives or the NHS, as they say you can only rely on the second ultra-sound.

What other signs are there of having a girl or boy?

1. Severe morning sickness

If you're experiencing bad morning sickness, it's believed you could be carrying a girl.

However, there is little research to state this is true.

A study conducted in 2017 found women carrying girls experienced more inflammation with their immune systems when exposed to bacteria, compared to those who were pregnant with boys.

This could mean they feel worse when carrying girls.

However, more research is needed to establish this as a concrete fact.

But way more research is needed to be able to come to any concrete solution.

2. Placement of the baby

It's often been stated that where the baby sits in your body as an indicator of their gender.

If your carrying a baby high then it's often rumoured to be a sign of having a girl.

However, experts state that baby placement is down to a woman's body type, weight gain, fitness level and muscular strength.

3. Stress levels

A study conducted in 2012 found there may be a link between a mum-to-be's stress level and the sex of her baby.

Women with higher stress levels were found to have more girls than boys.

A study released in 2013 also found that following an earthquake at Zakynthos the male birth rate dipped.

This suggested that the increase in stress affected the ratio between the two sexes.

However, the most accurate way of finding out your baby's gender is the 20-week anomaly scan – but that also isn't 100 per cent accurate.

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