Singletons looking to meet a match for cuffing season have three specifics requirements – so would you make the cut | The Sun

Singletons looking to meet a match for cuffing season have three specifics requirements – so would you make the cut | The Sun

WITH THE long summer days behind us 'hot girl summer' season won't make a return until next year.

And it means singletons across the country are ready to couple up for the colder ‘cuffing’ season.

A poll of 2,000 adults who aren't in a relationship found 43% want to ‘hunker down’ with someone this winter rather than being on their own.

And over a quarter (26%) admitted they have had a seasonal partner before.

While 25% want someone to cuddle with, one in five want a movie-watching mate and 17% want someone to act as a ‘hot water bottle’ when the season changes.

Other requirements for a beau this cuffing season include someone who doesn’t snore, a partner who can make the bed to a good standard and who doesn’t leave the toilet seat up.


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And the average singleton will test their prospective partner out for up to 20 days before deciding whether they are a keeper or not.

The research was commissioned by, which has teamed up with former Love Islanders Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott.

The duo will become 'hotel matchmakers' and send five new couples off on a 24 hour relationship test-run at a romantic countryside hotel, to see if their new partnership will make it through winter.

Spokesperson Emma Tagg said: “Cuffing season is the time where single people begin looking for short term ‘situationships’ to pass the colder months of the year.

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“It’s surprising to see so many admit to having had a seasonal partner before and even more surprising that more than a third have agreed in advance when they would break up with their other half.

“Whether it’s fine dining in Devon or a spa in Suffolk, there are plenty of getaways ideal to help couples find their perfect somewhere to test-run their blossoming romance.”

The study also found 31% of singletons don’t like going out in colder months, and want a partner to encourage them to stay in.

And 27% feel after a ‘summer of flings’ it’s time to settle down and get serious with someone this winter.

For a crafty 19%, they know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner in February and want to be in a solid relationship by then.

Another 18% enjoy cosy comfort foods even more over winter if they’ve got someone to share them with.

It also emerged 45% consider a cosy getaway with a new partner a great time to fully suss them out and get to know the real them.

But on average, singletons reckon a holiday together shouldn’t come until nearly six months into the relationship.

And 39% think a trip during autumn or winter is often more romantic and cosier than a summer getaway, with the Lake District coming up top as the perfect

somewhere for a romantic UK trip.

Nearly half (49%) put this down to being generally less busy, so you can spend quality time together, closely followed by being able to keep each other warm (48%).

While four in 10 enjoy snuggling by the fire, and 32% take advantage of frosty walks to cuddle up together.

Zara McDermott, who is one half of the match-making couple inviting others to test out their relationship by entering the competition added: “New relationships are exciting at any time of year, but there is so much that’s great about coupling up over the winter season.

“You can snuggle on the sofa, go on romantic walks and weekends away,  the list is endless. 

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“We love a movie night in when it’s cold outside, where you can get cosy in front of the fire – although Sam still loves an ice cream, even in winter."

Sam Thompson said: “Surprisingly, 60% have never been on a couple’s holiday before, and what better time to try it out for the first time, than a free romantic countryside break.”


  1. It's nice to have someone to cuddle.
  2. You can have more nights in e.g. takeaways, films during the colder season.
  3. It feels more romantic.
  4. It's likely you'll both have fewer social plans than in summer so you will have more time for each other.
  5. You don't have to wear summer clothes when you meet them – as you are not very comfortable when you start a relationship.
  6. Because Valentine’s Day will be coming soon, and I want to be coupled up by then.
  7. You can possibly have your first Christmas together.
  8. More fun to go out to eat nice comfort food.
  9. People have fewer plans during the winter, so easier to plan dates then.
  10. Because when you meet them, your makeup won't sweat off.
  11. So I have someone to act like a hot water bottle in the colder weather.
  12. You can attend Christmas markets together.
  13. It’s nice to be single during the summer but I want a partner during the winter.
  14. I can show off my partner to friends or on social media.
  15. More likely to want to stay in and get frisky than go out.

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