Significance of Doria Ragland’s ‘pistachio’ gown at Meghan’s wedding

Significance of Doria Ragland’s ‘pistachio’ gown at Meghan’s wedding

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Oscar de la Renta created a lovely dress and coat for Doria Ragland at Meghan Markle’s wedding that was made in a striking pale green colour. The Duchess of Sussex wanted her mother to wear something special, according to designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, the brand’s co-creative directors.

Mr Garcia told Buro Middle East: “She wanted to have an American designer represented in the royal wedding because she’s American.”

The designer acknowledged that it was an exciting phone call he received from the Duchess of Sussex.

Before the royal wedding, Meghan’s aide reportedly sent the designer an email asking to talk with him.

The two designers flew to Los Angeles to meet Doria shortly after their call with the Duchess.

Regarding the creation of the outfit, Mr Garcia added: “We had a few months, it was enough time. We gave her two options, given the weather and she went with the pistachio colour.”

Doria’s pale green dress had white flowers stitched on it and the mother-of-one accessorised with a matching green hat.

Just before the wedding, Doria took a flight from Los Angeles to the UK. On her way to the airport, she was seen carrying a Burberry garment bag.

But when the royal wedding day came, she was dressed in an Oscar de la Renta outfit made by Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim.

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Doria likely did not wear Burberry given her daughter’s intentions for her to wear an American designer, and that Burberry is a UK fashion staple.

Sarah McCann, a trends expert at the leading Hatton Garden Jeweller, Diamonds Factory, spoke to about what to wear to a British wedding held in the summertime, which Meghan’s was.

According to the expert, Doria made the perfect decision in 2018, as did Carole Middleton in 2011 for her daughter’s royal wedding.

She said: “For a British spring or summer wedding, I’d suggest trying on some pastel colours like blush pink, baby blue and pale shades of green.

“These romantic and elegant colours are perfect for weddings (the ultimate romantic occasion) and look great on all skin tones.”

The expert argues that royal weddings set the perfect examples for most Britons to follow when they attend someone else’s nuptials.

Sarah noted: “If you’re in need of some pastel inspiration, there’s no better place to look than the extended Royal Family.

“Doria Ragland, Meghan Markle’s mother went green for her daughter’s big day.

“She opted for a pale lime green, embroidered ensemble and matching beret-style cap.”

But the expert acknowledged that Carole initially set the pastel trend seven years earlier in 2011 at the wedding of the future Prince and Princess of Wales.

Sarah added: “Kate Middleton’s mother, Carole Middleton also wore a mint green dress with a buttoned overcoat to the royal wedding.

“She paired this with a matching fascinator and a contrasting pastel pink clutch.”

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