#SensualSelfieChallenge encourages mums to take provocative snaps to boost their postpartum body confidence

#SensualSelfieChallenge encourages mums to take provocative snaps to boost their postpartum body confidence

Lots of women struggle with their changing figures during pregnancy and after giving birth but sex educator Ev'Yan Whitney is keen to change all that.

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In a world that constantly tells me I’m not enough, that I should keep my sexuality hidden, taking up space and openly celebrating my softness is a radical act. So I will take up space. I will find a home in my body. I will let my softness be visible. I will let my sexuality be unshamed. ➖ My #sensualselfiechallenge starts TOMORROW. During this challenge, we’ll be encouraging ourselves to take up space, explore our bodies, and unshame our sexuality through selfie-taking. ➖ There’s almost ✨2000✨people who are signed up for the challenge, so it’s clear that this mission is needed, that you are ready to take up space. I am so excited to help facilitate this journey for you. ?Click the link in my bio to sign up or go to bit.ly/sensualselfie for details.? There’s prizes, amazing sensual muses, and you’ll be so held in the process. Spread the word, tag a friend. We’re about to cause a ruckus. ➖ For those already doing the challenge: Why did you sign up for the #sensualselfiechallenge? And what do you hope to heal/celebrate in this process? Chime in below. I’m all ears. ?

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"But my darling, there's no such thing as the light at the end of the tunnel. You must realize that you are the light" -Anonymous Still taking up space, still making room for myself, Still loving on me, Still the shit… And I say that in the most humble way?. Still going against the grain, still breaking down barriers, still using my gifts to inspire and motivate women AND STILL refusing to accept my naked body as a sexual tool! I am a gift to and from the universe and I thank my higher power for instilling in me the courage and mental strength to overcome what society has destroyed…PEACE. #judgeme #thehumancanvas #thesummershack #goddessvibes #Queen #womenempowerment #womenlover #wombmen #love #lover #peace #blossom #flowerchild #chakrahealing #naturalisbeauty #nakedisnatural #nakedisbeautiful #againstthegrain #freedom #freespirit #sensualselfiechallenge #radicalselflove #selflove #selfcare #peace #freethenipplemovement #dream #inspire #motivate #iamfemale #unapologeticallywoman

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The #sensualselfiechallenge is all about body confidence and learning to love yourself, and it's picked up quite a following on Instagram.

Thousands of women have proudly showed off their beautiful curves on social media since the launch in September.

Ev'Yan challenged her followers to take five selfies, on each day, that "highlights your body, celebrates your sexuality, and encourages you to take up space".

The ladies are encouraged to sign up for the challenge on her website, to receive words of encouragement from Ev'Yan herself.

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Let’s take up space and celebrate our sexuality. ➖ Next Wednesday, join me and a squad of sensual babes—@galadarling, @ethereal.1, @blacklorelei7, and @4locrow—in another round of the #sensualselfiechallenge. The goal: Take one selfie a day for five days that highlights your body, celebrates your sexuality, and encourages you to take up space. And we (the squad) will guide you along the way with prompts, affirmations, inspiration, and encouragement. ➖ How to play with us: ‣ go to bit.ly/sensualselfie & sign up for the challenge ‣ follow me on Instagram (if you’re not already) ‣ set your profile to public (so we can see your selfies) ‣ follow the hashtag #sensualselfiechallenge so you can see other people’s selfies – Participate daily for a chance to win a spot in my wildly popular (& always sold out) course, Sexting Myself. ➖ *You do not have to be nude in order to play in the challenge* This isn’t about titillation. It’s about making an intention for the next five days to use self-portraiture as a way of delighting in your beauty, body, and sensual essence. And you can do so fully clothed. – Challenge officially starts Sep. 5th! Link in bio to join. Tag a babe you want to do this with ??‍♀️✨ #sensualselfiechallenge

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I will be proud of my body as it is. I will find joy in my reflection. I will luxuriate in this skin I am in. . I will continue to take up space and challenge notions of modesty, respectability, femininity, worthiness, and beauty with my presence. . I will keep nurturing and deepening this relationship I’ve created with my sensuality because I know that when I give space for my softness, I empower and heal. . words by the beautiful @evyan.whitney host of #sensualselfiechallenge where I started this practice and have continued to develop is over the months not only because of the relationship Im cultivating with myself but also because of the beautiful messages other women send me about realizing the importance of taking space to love themselves and their bodies. . . . . . #sensuality #womensempowerment #girlpower #grlpwr #womanlikeme #lovemyself #selflove #feelingmyself #sundaybumday? #practiceselflove #selfappreciation #denverboudoir #sundaybumday #womenstrong #fitchicks #fitnessgirl #itsjustabutt

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Nora Sanchez, who has a young son, was one of those taking part. She told Hello Giggles: "I felt super overwhelmed by the challenge because I’m a mum now.

"Loving my body and taking nudes comes second (or fiftieth) to my demanding bundle of love.

"But then I thought it over: If I am a new mum who struggles with body image, isn’t that exactly why I should participate in the #sensualselfiechallenge?"

"I admit I can be pretty vain," she added, "but I’d make sure to never reveal my stretch marks or uneven breasts, which were my two biggest insecurities going into this challenge.

"I thought about my uneven breasts: I did not want to admit to my little Instagram sphere that my boobs are so, so lopsided.

So she threw caution to the wind and joined the challenge – picking up dozens of loving comments and likes.

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