Royal Family news – Charles 'feeling wretched' after Harry's relentless rants and Queen 'deeply upset' by royal meltdown

Royal Family news – Charles 'feeling wretched' after Harry's relentless rants and Queen 'deeply upset' by royal meltdown

PRINCE Charles has been left "feeling wretched" after Harry's relentless attacks on his father's parenting skills.

The Duke of Sussex has repeatedly attacked Charles in the media over the past few months, including in two Oprah Winfrey interviews in which he effectively accused his father of bullying him and Prince William.

Harry said he didn't blame Charles for his parenting failings, however, suggesting the future king was brought up in a similarly tough way in a comment that appeared to attack the Queen and Prince Philip's parenting.

“Charles is such a gentle man and a dedicated father first and foremost. He’ll be feeling wretched. He wants to seek a reconciliation. He is not vindictive at all…" an insider told the Mail on Sunday.

"Charles will want to engage, but it’s fair to say what Harry has said in both interviews with Oprah has been seen as very callous within the family. If Harry was to attack the Queen in a more personal way, Charles would close ranks with the Queen without a doubt and Harry would be out in the cold.”

The source added that Harry's relentless rants have been "very upsetting for the Royal Family".

“Harry’s grandmother has taken this very personally and is deeply upset by what Harry has said, in particular his comments about Charles’s parenting and suggesting [he] knows no better because of how he was brought up".

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    The Queen has suffered “sadness” at barely seeing Archie and is unlikely to meet Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s second baby unless they come to the UK, Ingrid Seward has revealed.

    Ingrid, who is editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, shares her extraordinary insights into the monarch’s relationship with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren in this week’s Fabulous magazine.

    And she claims that the Sussex’s distance from the royal family has indeed been a low point for the Monarch.

    Ingrid says: “The Sussexes, who have barely set foot in the UK since relocating to the US and are unlikely to return any time soon after their Oprah interview sent shockwaves through the royal family.

    “Meghan is due to give birth to their daughter – the Queen’s 11th great-grandchild – imminently, but unless Meghan and Harry bring the baby to Britain, the Queen won’t get to meet her. She has barely seen Archie since he was born, a source of sadness for her – though she is said to have wished him happy birthday via Zoom when he turned two this month.”

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    Shamed BBC journalist Martin Bashir scared Diana “half to death” with frightening meetings in underground car parks, a royal expert says.

    Andrew Morton, who penned a biography on the princess, said Bashir wouldn’t have scored the Panorama interview if he hadn’t lied to her.

    Asked by Sky presenter Trevor Phillips if Bashir would have got the interview if he hadn’t lied, Mr Morton blasted: “He wouldn’t have got it, simple as that.  He scared her half to death.

    “He had her thinking had contacts within MI5. He was very plausible. He arranged meetings in underground car parks – they’re scary places at best of times, but when you think your life in danger, it was very potent.

    “She was put in state of fear and trepidation and it encouraged her to speak out.”

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    Prince Harry has revealed some of his son Archie’s first words were “grandma Diana”.

    Harry said of his mum: “I wish she could have met Meghan. I wish she was around for Archie.

    “I’ve got a photo up in his nursery… and it was one of the first words that he said. Apart from ‘mama’, ‘papa’, it was then ‘grandma’, ‘grandma Diana’.

    “It’s the sweetest thing but at the same time makes me really sad.”

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    Oprah said that everyone is on a spectrum of mental health fitness after her bombshell interview with Prince Harry.

    The Duke of Sussex, 36, appeared alongside the talkshow host on the popular ABC breakfast show to discuss the first episode of the explosive interview series.

    The pair discussed their mental health battles with anchor Robin Roberts on Friday.

    “One of the things that Prince Harry and I wanted was for people to understand that mental health and mental fitness is a spectrum and we’re all on a spectrum,” Winfrey said.

    “Everybody either is or knows somebody who’s going through something.”

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    Prince Harry is “doing the opposite of what the Queen wants”, a royal expert has claimed.

    Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told the Express:  “In once again baring his soul, in a series on mental health with Oprah, The Me You Can’t See, he has highlighted his unhappiness with royal life.

    “He is doing the reverse of what the Queen wanted and deliberately harming the monarchy.”

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    The BBC faces losing £3.2bn if their licence fees are cut after Martin Bashir’s Panorama probe “tarnished” the broadcaster’s reputation.

    A senior government source said the Beeb’s world-class status had been compromised, and the £159-a-year licencing fee could be cut or frozen for the next five years.

    The Government is in negotiations with the BBC over the next five years of the fee – which normally raises £3.2billion for the broadcaster.

    An insider told The Times: “At a time when every government department is being asked to tighten their belt, there’s an argument the corporation should do so too.”

    The source added that the corporation had “tarnished” its reputation – and this was likely to influence the current fee negotiations.

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    Shameless Martin Bashir last night insisted he was not responsible for Princess Diana’s death — even claiming he “loved” her.

    The Panorama presenter launched a sickening fight-back after being blamed for the misery in the final two years of her life.

    Prince William had insisted the 1995 explosive TV interview had fuelled her “fear, paranoia and isolation” in the run-up to his mother’s fatal car crash in Paris.

    But Bashir, 58, flat-out refuses to admit that the notorious one-on-one chat, watched by 23 million, was granted after telling her lies to make her paranoid.

    He said: “Even in the early 1990s, there were stories and secretly recorded phone calls. I wasn’t the source of any of that.”

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