Royal butler Paul Burrell warns Meghan Markle to ‘stay close to Harry’ and ‘watch out for traps’ during Sandringham Christmas amid rumours of a rift between the brothers

Royal butler Paul Burrell warns Meghan Markle to ‘stay close to Harry’ and ‘watch out for traps’ during Sandringham Christmas amid rumours of a rift between the brothers

Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell has offered advice to the Duchess of Sussex as she prepares to face four days at Sandringham with her new in-laws, which he calls “another reality”.

He told the Daily Mail: “Stay close to Harry and his granny… or you're in trouble!”

Prince William and Kate Middleton are expected to spend Christmas alone with their family in Anmer House after Meghan and Harry turned down the chance to join them.

But Meghan, 37, will be spending her first Christmas as a fully-fledged Royal with the rest of the family at the Norfolk estate.

And Paul, 60, warns she will have to deal with other family members desperate to curry favour with the Queen.

He added: “I've been there for so many Christmases, this house is occupied by some of the biggest personalities and egos in the country.

“All these people are members of the royal family, they are all larger than life, have character to go with it. Everyone is jostling for position and attention and they're bouncing off the walls after four days. It's like a pinball machine.

“They all want to please the Queen and want airtime with her, it's the one time that they can sit down with the head of the family and make an impression."

Paul, how now runs a florist shop, advised Meghan to brush up on her card-playing skills.

The best time to get close to the Queen, he said,  is when she sits at her card table, before and after dinner to play bridge and canasta and the new Duchess will want to join in.

He said Meghan should avoid chatting about dresses and jewels and make a beeline for the Queen.

The former I’m A Celebrity star added that the Queen is “the most humble, approachable and kind person” he’s ever met and that no one should be afraid to voice their fears and concerns to her.

Harry should tell Meghan that “Granny knows best,” he said.

But he added that some members of the household will be intent on catching Meghan out.

He said: "They are going to set traps, there will be pitfalls along the way, but Harry will catch her, so stay close to him.

"Nothing will happen if you're close to the Queen's grandson.

'"But if you stray away from him and start to do things by yourself, that's when there could be problems."

The Sun revealed Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, are moving to Windsor — away from Wills and Kate, both 36, in Kensington Palace.

The brothers have reportedly fallen out while Kate was said to have been left in tears over ­Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress for Meghan and Harry’s wedding in May.

Reports also claim Meghan has been branded 'Duchess Difficult' by palace insiders.

It has been claimed her demands have become too much for staff.

The Sun also revealed the Duchess of Cambridge told Meghan not to berate members of her team after she "b****cked" a member of staff.

The row, which has been denied by the Palace, came after we revealed Meghan made Kate cry over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid’s dress.

He went on to say that the Christmas celebrations will be tough on Meghan and that sitting down to dinner would be a nerve-wracking experience that will set her heart racing.

Calling the annual Sandringham gathering, “Downton Abbey on speed”, he said that Meghan will be met by a valet and a dresser as soon as she arrives, and they will unpack her case, wash and lay out her clothes and pack her bag again at the end.

Her time will be totally given over to the Royal family from the moment she and Harry arrive at the house.

He also revealed he sees parallels between the negative aspects of Princess Diana’s life within the Royal family and the rumours of rows that surround Meghan.

He said the Queen, and Harry, will have her back and added that, while Meghan’s mixed race background and American roots should be seen as positives, “she's going to come up with opposition within the four walls of the royal household and they will be seen as negatives, like Diana did".

Yesterday, Cambridges and Sussexes unveiled their VERY different Christmas card photos – pitting A-list glamour against country life.



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