Rich Kids celebrate their 18th birthdays by popping balloons full of cash & driving their Lamborghinis to McDonald's

Rich Kids celebrate their 18th birthdays by popping balloons full of cash & driving their Lamborghinis to McDonald's

RICH kids have been flaunting their stunning wealth online with one teen filling balloons with money for an 18th birthday – while another drove their Lamborghini through a McDonald’s drive-thru. 

While they might be part of the mega-rich, it seems minted teens still love the everyday perks of life – including a cheeky Maccas and balloons at your party. 

A clip shared to TikTok, showcasing the jet-set life of a wealthy teen, revealed what she got her pal for their birthday – money. 

The girl, called Ash, showed herself rolling up stacks of $50 and $20 bills – amounting to hundreds in total. 

She stuffed them into a balloon, along with bags of sweets, before blowing up dozens of colourful decorations, ready for a party. 

The camera shows the birthday girl blowing out the candle on her cake – before popping her giant balloon. 

The piles of cash come pouring out, along with a teddy bear, a bag of skittles and beauty products. 

Numerous people commented on the incredible present, claiming the most they got on their birthday was a tenner in a card. 

One person said: “What a lucky girl.”

Another wrote: “I get like $10.”

A third commented: “Damn happy birthday hope it was great wishing you the best.”

While someone else added: “I got $20 for my birthday.”

They’re not the only minted teen flashing the cash online, with one bloke filming his mate pulling up at a McDonald’s drive-thru – in a Lamborghini. 

The pair planned ahead, as one person films the supercar pulling round the corner of the fast food joint.

They captioned the TikTok clip: “Gotta pull up in the Drive Thru in the svj right.” 

The video – shot in the UK – shows a line of less expensive cars queuing behind the Lambo as the lad satisfied his fast food craving – although sadly we don’t know what he ordered.

Other rich kids filmed themselves living the high life on super-yachts, with one playing golf off the side of a deck, while a bikini-clad girl shoots hoops on a floating basketball court.

And another bloke opened a champagne bottle with an expensive watch, which a second filmed himself driving a supercar – while wearing a Louis Vuitton face mask.

Supercars, and other modes of transport, are a clear theme among the wealthy, with Instagram's rich kids account sharing snaps of bikini-clad girls lounging on boats and next to cars.

Standing in front of a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, a woman, dressed in suspenders, asked: "Decision time. Lamborghini vs Ferrari?"

Another posed next to an orange 4×4 in a matching dress, said: "Love it when my car matches my outfit."

Another girl lounged next to a pool, while her pal opened a bottle of pricey Dom Pérignon, as she said: "Sunday pool day goals."

While a dad breaks down in tears after his generous son surprises him with a Range Rover.

And a single mum-of-two breaks down in tears when loaded teen treats her family to Disneyland hol on Rich Kids, Skint Holidays.

Plus an heiress, 18, who owns £31k car & blows £400 a week on food is scared of a caravan & begs to leave on Rich Kids Skint Holiday.

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