People slam me as a bad mum because I drink and swear around my kids but I don’t care, they’re being too precious

People slam me as a bad mum because I drink and swear around my kids but I don’t care, they’re being too precious

A WOMAN has found herself labelled a "bad mum" because of her behaviour around her kids.

Brittany Moore took to her TikTok page to explain exactly why she's a member of the "bad mums club for life".

Sharing a video of herself, she began: "People wanna be my mom friend until… I drink around the kids."

Cracking open a can of beer, Brittany added that she also swears "like a trucker", even when her kids are in earshot.

When it comes to what she feeds her children, Brittany is a fan of freezer food, writing that she "feeds all the frozen nugs and goldfish".

But Brittany isn't worried what people think of her, as she concluded: "And I simply DGAF (don't give a f**k)."

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She was quickly praised by other mums in the comments section of the video, with one writing: "Me realising I’m not a bad parent for drinking wine daily…"

"We can be besties you're my kind of people!!! It's hard to find mamas like us," another added.

"Yass!! I’m on the right side of Tik tok!! I work with truckers and cuss like them too," a third wrote.

"If you don't do these things you're hiding the truth," someone else added.

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"My soul sister, I finally found her!" another comment read.

Others insisted their behaviour is worse than Brittany's, with one writing: "U mean we arent just pointing at the kitchen when they say im hungry?

"They cook their own food!"

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"I took 'bad mom' to the next level… I reenact my daughters tiktoks," another added.

"If anyone has the mom of the year award.. I need it."

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