People look shocked when they see my three-year-old daughter’s hair but I don’t care | The Sun

People look shocked when they see my three-year-old daughter’s hair but I don’t care | The Sun

A MUM has defended her decision to let her three-year-old daughter dye her hair despite disapproving looks from strangers.

Shae, from Perth, Australia, says she allows her toddler Elora to colour her hair because she is "the boss of her own body" and it boosts her confidence.

But the mum says her bright pink barnet often attracts "panicked looks" from people passing by

Shae told Kidspot: "It’s not really something that requires anyone else’s input other than my daughter, husband and me – so no one else has the right to interject.

"She loves herself sick with pink hair, her excited face and then telling everyone all about it for weeks is exactly why I don’t have a problem with her doing it."

Shae says this is the second time they have let Elora dye her hair.

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She added: "Lots of people have bright hair in public and what toddler isn’t obsessed with all things colourful?"

"We’ve dyed it once before when she was two also.

Shae says people staring doesn't bother her as no one has ever verbalised their judgement.

She said: "I don’t know anyone who would tread all over a little girl's self-confidence like that. 

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"If someone said something nasty to me or my daughter about it I’d probably just say, 'she loves it and feels confident so I don’t see a problem'.

"If she wants pink hair she gets to make that choice and we'll support her expressing herself in any way she wants to."

Shae says her tot's hair is naturally blonde, so it is easy to use temporary wash-out dye that comes out easily.

The mum says Elora wants to dye her hair green next.

It comes after a mum was trolled by people who have even threatened to call social services after she let her son, nine, dye his hair.

Amber Morley took to TikTok to share a video in which she joked that she'd been colouring her son Charlie's hair since he was two weeks old because she "refuses to have a ginger son".

The clip sparked a ton of backlash from trolls, including one who wrote: "If that’s true you need social services calling on you."

However, Amber opened up to Fabulous and insisted that she was just messing around, and she's actually only been colouring Charlie's hair since August – when he was nine.

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"He liked his natural hair but he saw me dyeing my own in August and asked when he could do his," she told us.

After checking the rules at his school, she decided to let him go ahead with the colour change – with Charlie choosing to go red first of all.

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