People are only just realizing there’s another washing machine filter you have to clean & it’s probably full of trash | The Sun

People are only just realizing there’s another washing machine filter you have to clean & it’s probably full of trash | The Sun

WASHING machines ease the cleaning process, but people may be surprised by the extra step they need to take to clean the machine.

A dad on TikTok who goes by the handle @Kidder211 shared a crucial washing machine cleaning trick he learned.

“So I was today years old when I found something out about the washing machine that my wife just told me about,” he said.

“It’s this filter underneath,” @Kidder211 said, adding: “So [this is a] front loader washing machine. Down here’s this filter.”

He showed off a panel at the bottom of the machine. The panel contains a the spout of a hose and a round cap.

“This is like water that drains out,” he said, referencing the spout, which pulls out and extends to be a drain that can release extra water into a bucket.

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Then @Kidder211 showed that there was a pile of sand on the side of the washing machine.

“There’s like a bunch of sand that came out. That’s gross,” he said.

He then refocused back on the round cap, sharing the mindblowing filter feature.

“But watch this. Jess, you wanna pull that out?” he asked his wife.

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Jess began twisting the cap multiple times before pulling it out. It revealed a cylinder-shaped filter covered in debris.

@Kidder211 screamed before exclaiming: “Oh, that is so gross! Oh my gosh! You guys, look at that!”

The filter was fully covered inside and around the trap by a collection of dust, tags, and candy wrappers. 

Jess began pulling out the gobs of items seemingly forgotten in pockets of clothing.

“Guys, look at this,” @Kidder211 said. “Hair bands, gum … more gum wrappers.”

He scoffed as his wife pulled out hair ties and adhesive clothing size stickers and peeled off sticky gum and lint buildup. 

“So, yea, there you go. Clean out your filter,” @Kidder211 said while grimacing.

One person commented: “Had to show my husband this and how to fix the drain,” adding: “It was nasty as hell.”

While not all washing machines have a filter that requires you to manually empty it, many do, and they can be located in different areas depending on the brand and model.

According to Better Homes & Gardens, your filter may be located in the interior of the machine in the center agitator or under the top lid if you don’t have a front loader style.

The outlet also says it can be near the water pump or behind an exterior front panel, like demonstrated in this TikTok.

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