People are only just realising why seats on buses and trains have such ugly fabric, and now they wish they didn’t know | The Sun

People are only just realising why seats on buses and trains have such ugly fabric, and now they wish they didn’t know | The Sun

HAVE you ever looked at the seats on public transport and wondered why they're covered in such hideous fabric?

Well, one woman has revealed the reason – and it's making people wish they hadn't asked.

Erica Mallett took to her TikTok page to share a video which she began: "Have you ever wondered why bus and train seat patterns are always so fugly?

"Turns out there’s a very specific reason they’ve been designed to look like a Smurf had bad flu and vomited everywhere.

"And you’re not gonna like it."

She added: "They’ve been designed to look this horrible to hide something even more horrible – the grit and dirt of hundreds of thousands of public butts.

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"These colours and this pattern disguises dirt and wear and tear, and public graffiti, and anything that might be really gross."

For anyone doubting her reasoning, she then showed a clip of someone hitting a bus seat with a hammer – with clouds of dust and dirt billowing off of it.

"Moral of the story: offer your seat to the little old lady," read some writing above that footage.

Posting her video on TikTok, Erica captioned it: "Today on things i know so now you have to know them too."

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People in the comments section were quick to admit that Erica's video had made them not want to use public transport again in a hurry.

"never sitting on a seat on the bus or train again," one wrote.

While another added: "This is why I don’t wear outside clothes in my home."

"Good job i get too anxious to use the bus lol," a third commented.

"yeah im standing on the bus from now on," someone else wrote.

But others insisted they'd known Erica's "gross fact" for years, with one writing: "it helps hide dirt, thought this was common knowledge."

"I knew this when I was younger," another said.

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"I'e never understood why they don't just make everything a hard surface thats easy to disinfect," someone else asked.

To which Erica replied: "Probably because these are absorbent… that’s a scary thought."

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