Patrick Dempsey on his love for watches and his passion for car racing

Patrick Dempsey on his love for watches and his passion for car racing

It might be fair to say that Patrick Dempsey is the Steve McQueen of today: It’s not just their movie-star good looks we’re talking about, nor their impressive marks on the entertainment industry. Like McQueen, Dempsey has a passion for speed, for beautiful and powerful vintage cars, and for the timeless and equally as thrilling Monaco watch.

To celebrate 50 years of the timepiece, we caught up with the “Grey’s Anatomy” actor to talk about his love of racing, his long history with Tag Heuer and where his love of watches spurred from. 

You’ve been a fan of watches for years. Where do you think that love originates from? 

It started more with my father, I remember him loving watches. As a man, there’s only so much you can wear. And certainly with a watch and motorsports, it kind of all comes together. 

From the mechanisms to the aesthetics, they all tell a story. Any pieces in your collection that speak to you the most? 

Certainly, the Monocao watch, because Steve McQueen’s Le Mans. Being at Le Mans multiple times, racing there, having the watch on as a sponsor means a lot to me. The history of the brand, getting to know Jack Heuer… and also on the creative side, allowing to be a filmmaker and to be able to shoot there with Jack. So creatively as a sportsman and as an ambassador and the quality of the experience I’ve had with them over the past five years, I’ve gotten a lot out of it on a personal level. I’m proud to be a part of it. 

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