Norma Kamali Resort 2022

Norma Kamali Resort 2022
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“Swimwear sold no matter what stage we were in in COVID-19,” Norma Kamali explained over Zoom. “So what I did was triple the size of her swimwear collection, and everything sold. The next phase is expanding more cover-ups, which we had, but even making that bigger, and looking at this category holistically, because it’s year-round. But it’s not just swimwear, it’s bodysuits, it’s used for everything. This is my happy place.” 

On top of a boatload of new swimwear, Kamali layered in “uniform” pieces — signature track suits, suiting, leggings, sleeping bag coats, etc. — with “special pieces” like playfully glam gold lame gowns and fluid separates, parachute jumpsuits, tiered skirts and more (some of which would be offered in a more limited run) for resort. The mix of casual and dressy, worn together, was one of the designer’s main messages of the season.

The look: A combination of “uniforms and special pieces.”

Norma Kamali Resort 2022

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Quote of note: “Resort is heavily weighted in swimwear, and then the fantasy part.…I’ve been talking about the idea of uniforms for quite some time, and I still feel very strongly believe we live in uniforms. We were in the sweats uniform for a period of time, and we all have an identity uniform. The concept is very present and the more the fashion industry balances and filters out the idea of one-of-a-kind clothing balanced with the uniform, I think is looking more and more perfect and special and meaningful. So, this collection I started to bring in some of that feeling, for spring, even more so.”

The takeaway: For Kamali, casualization isn’t going anywhere. However, marrying everyday fashions with more eccentric, “one-of-a-kind” limited run styles will keep her customer’s wardrobes feeling fresh and unique.

In addition to resort, Kamali is debuting a collection of home decor, titled “NormaLife Home.” The collection, priced $150 to $2,500, is launching direct-to-consumer, with an assortment of cut-and-sew, oversize, soft multifunction pillows in the designer’s iconic swimwear fabrications, making the home goods not only durable but easily washable and outdoor-friendly (much like her signature fashions).

A core grouping of signature sleeping bag coats will sit alongside the furnishings; the remainder of the initial collection will roll out with comforters, plush furniture (a ball chain, stools, lounger, multipurpose cube), boxy bag, carpet, smaller pillows and more in the same graphic pinstripe, polka dot, marble and painted brushstroke prints. Down the road, Kamali will debut an evolution of the line at a lower price point for wholesale. 

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