'Non-committal' Ryan Seacrest behaves like a 'prim librarian' with model girlfriend, says expert | The Sun

'Non-committal' Ryan Seacrest behaves like a 'prim librarian' with model girlfriend, says expert | The Sun

RYAN Seacrest seems more interested in reading a book and watching his dog than flirting with his model girlfriend, a body language expert has said.

And she thinks that twenty-something Aubrey Paige has to use "peacocking" gestures just to catch the American Idol host's eye.

Recently, Ryan Seacrest was spotted in New York City walking his dog alongside his long-term girlfriend, Aubrey Paige.

Their outing last week came as the TV host approaches the end of his time working on Live in the Big Apple, so the couple’s time in the city will become less frequent.

As Aubrey lives and models in LA, where Ryan relocates after April 14, he’ll probably have more time for the 25-year-old while shooting American Idol.

Ryan and Aubrey have been photographed together several times since they first met, often soaking up the sun on vacation.

In Miami in late February, Aubrey looked stunning in a tiny string bikini poolside at a hotel, while the 48-year-old TV presenter seemed tired.

At one point, Ryan yawned while his glam girlfriend dealt with her belongings on a sunbed.

In an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S Sun: “Ryan's body language responses when he’s with Aubrey suggest he might take a more protective and rather non-committal stance.

"Aubrey's a stunning model who allows her modeling poses to continue into her moments with Ryan.

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“She’s not press-shy and is proud of her famous partner.

“In the recent New York street photos, Ryan walks in front of her to deflect attention.

“They walk side by side and there's an attempt to avoid any connection signals, with her bag between them.

“Ryan’s hand is also in his pocket in a double barrier gesture.

“By contrast, Aubrey’s poses with Ryan suggest she’s happy to promote and celebrate her relationship with him.

“The photos in Miami of Aubrey posing while Ryan sits reading on his sunbed and looking like a prim librarian.

“Aubrey is doing the female version of peacocking to get his attention.

"Ryan’s eye gaze seems limited to his book, his phone, and to the dog.

“The very serious-looking book forms another crotch-barrier gesture.

"The huge, dark-framed spectacles make Ryan look intellectual rather than playful.

“When Aubrey is sitting on a sun bed beside him, staring ahead while Ryan throws affectionate glances at his dog.”

Ryan has been dating Aubrey since 2021 and, just like with his past relationships, he has managed to keep this one fairly private.

Previously, he enjoyed relationships with a string of celebrity beauties including Terri Hatcher, Julianne Hough, and model Shana Wall.

Ryan also had an on/off relationship with Shayna Taylor until they parted ways in 2020.

In 2018, he told US Weekly: “We decided that we’re going to learn a few things — I call them pursuits — but we’re gonna learn a few things that are outside of work for me, right?

"‘Cause I’m working all the time.”

Ryan made his relationship with Aubrey public in June – when they hit the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of JLo’s Halftime documentary.

From there, they’ve been spotted out roaming the streets in New York or LA, while Aubrey occasionally posts messages and holiday clips of their vacations on Instagram.

But our expert notes, Aubrey may be keener on creating more public shows of affection with her partner.

“If there are any doubts about going more public, they don’t seem to come from her, " says Judi.

“Her Instagram photos show Aubrey to be the one working the poses in terms of affection and attachment.

"She posted a few of them together where Ryan's standing smiling, but not reciprocating.

“In some of the shots on her feed of the couple, Ryan looks keen to keep his private life private.

"Even his verbal quotes sound non-committal, like ‘I’m happy in the present moment’.

“In all, it looks like he's only ‘thinking about’ blocking off ‘certain times’ to focus on his personal life.

"It’s Ryan who seems to prefer to keep things more private and to avoid flaunting or even boasting about dating this stunning model.

“It’s clear from Ryan’s body language that he's smitten with one female in his life though.

“Whether he’s posing beaming proudly alongside her in a bow tie and dress suit at an awards show.

"Or lying out on the floor grinning with ecstatic delight as she runs her long tongue over his face in a touching PDA.

“Ryan’s body language with his girlfriend barely touches his PDAs with his dog and ‘best friend’.

"It’s when he’s posing with his dog that we can see the more professional side of Ryan evaporate.

"When he's relaxed, his goofier, smitten emotions show through.”

As for Ryan, he only offered a rare glimpse into his sex life with the former waitress Aubrey when he stunned Live viewers during an episode on March 22.

Talking about a couple who came across a mountain lion while enjoying a hot tub on vacation, his co-host Kelly Ripa said: “Let me tell you something if I know couples in hot tubs, they’re probably totally nude.

“And it’s dark, they’re probably getting ready to have fun.”

At that, Ryan responded: “Eh. It’s overrated,” and continued to make a face.

“The hot tub ‘sex talk’ on the show with Kelly brings out some more prim signals from Ryan,” claims Judi.

“He starts the conversation in a partial splay pose with one elbow stuck out to suggest alpha confidence.

“But the words ‘totally nude’ from Kelly prompt a nervous laugh followed by a rictus smile of what looks like discomfort from Ryan.

“His quick straightening gesture of the papers on the desk suggests he’s keen to get some order back.

“This apparent ‘reveal’ of his private life seems to make him look uncomfortable.

“He looks around with an eye dart, rubbing his shin in a self-comfort ritual and moving his right leg in a metronomic gesture suggesting he’s impatient to move on.

“Ryan’s left hand is placed in a ‘fig leaf’ position or another crotch barrier gesture as he did in Miami.

“When he begins to clap loudly he looks keen to signal the end of the discussion.

"The other aspect where Ryan contrasts with Aubrey is that he's a seasoned celebrity.

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"He has witnessed A to Z-listers up close.

"Ryan appears to have decided that the culture of revealing lots of moments of a relationship online doesn't seem to be for him."

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