New Pendant Lets You Adopt a Square Kilometer of the Ocean for Conservation

New Pendant Lets You Adopt a Square Kilometer of the Ocean for Conservation

Los Angeles accessories designer Kendall Conrad is thinking blue this holiday season.

The former model, whose minimalist leather handbags with equestrian-inspired hardware and brass jewelry in organic forms have made her a favorite in West L.A. and beyond, has launched a new pendant to benefit ocean conservation.

Fifty percent of sales of the rectangular embossed pendant go to the Project Zero organization that is setting out to secure ocean sanctuaries, like national parks in the water, where no one can drill, fish or pollute, to help “turn the tide on climate change.”

Each Project Zero pendant comes with its own unique ocean coordinates, signifying the square kilometer the purchase is helping to restore and protect. (The organization popped up last holiday season with an installation to highlight sustainability on Carnaby Street in London.)

“I grew up on the beach, Rincon Point in Santa Barbara. I was always in the sea as a child and still am now, as are my children and entire extended family. We all value and respect the ocean and its creatures deeply, and want to do whatever we can to protect it for all that it gives us and if we want to continue to survive on this planet,” said Conrad, who now lives in Venice, Calif.. “Now, with climate crisis at such a crucial stage, we need to act to adopt and protect as much of the oceans that we can, so it can protect the earth and we can continue to survive on this planet.”

The pendant is available in brass, silver or gold, $60 to $2,500, at

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