Mystic Meg zodiac signs latest — Adventure on the way for Virgos, Cancers need patience; plus daily horoscopes for 2023 | The Sun

Mystic Meg zodiac signs latest — Adventure on the way for Virgos, Cancers need patience; plus daily horoscopes for 2023 | The Sun

MYSTIC Meg is back with her daily Zodiac predictions, helping you to navigate your way through life's ups and downs.

Brits can read our resident astrologer's take on what to expect today, – and the next seven days – on everything from health and wealth to love, sex and success.

Horoscope readings based on your zodiac sign can act as a cosmic compass to help you navigate your inner world and the world around you.

You can use our series of guides to find out everything from which star sign to hook up with for the steamiest sex to what it’s like to live your life totally by your horoscope.

Whichever of the 12 star signs you are, find out what life may possibly have in store for you.

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  • Henry Moore

    What should Libras expect from today?

    Mystic Meg had this to say: "You’ve got something special right now when it comes to attraction – and so many people want to get closer.

    "Including a former workmate who’s recently reappeared in your contacts.

    "Two very different cities you keep hearing about can link up in your future, as part of a brand new life. 

    "Sharing some music with someone older unlocks lost

  • Henry Moore

    Everything Virgos need for today

    Mystic Meg predicted: "There’s a streak of moon adventure running through your chart – and this may be a shock to those who prefer the quiet you.

    "But the bolder Virgo can be the better one, especially in love terms.

    "A velvety voice with a “B” accent can change your status with just one word.

    "A book or magazine that draws your eye can introduce you to a world you can be part of."

  • Henry Moore

    What should Leos expect today?

    Mystic Meg said: "Valuing your own skills and feelings is your star challenge, starting today – until you do, you may feel overlooked, or under-loved.

    "All day Venus adds warm certainty to your values zone and helps you stand up for what matters.

    "And let go what doesn’t.

    "Trying a new look or attitude again, just for you at first, shows you just how far you can go."

  • Henry Moore

    Star sign dates and animals: Which animal are you?

    There are a total of eight animal symbols in the zodiac, each one a reflection of the sign it represents.

    If you’ve ever wondered what animal you’re similar to, the answer could be revealed by your star sign.

    Let’s take a look at which animals go with which sign.

    • Aries – Ram
    • Taurus – Bull
    • Cancer – Crab
    • Leo – Lion
    • Scorpio – Scorpion
    • Sagittarius – Centaur
    • Capricorn – Goat
    • Pieces – Fish

    Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo and Libra – you are the only four signs that aren’t represented by an animal, but that doesn’t make you any less special.

    This is what you should call your baby according to their star sign

    A mum has revealed what you should be calling your baby according to their star sign – and there are some very surprising choices.

    She recently revealed her top picks for monikers depending on their zodiac sign – and you can guarantee no one else in the class will have them.

    Here we reveal SJ’s baby name suggestions for each star sign. 

    • Aries – Tuesday, Ruby, Athena, Maverick, Finnian, Fremont 
    • Taurus – Venus, Eden, Meadow, Farley, Hamlin, Jay
    • Gemini – Evangeline, Gabriel, Raphael, Kenji, Lavender, Lily
    • Cancer – Tanaz, Lina, Jules
    • Leo – Goldie, Lucia, Arielle, Leander, Samson
    • Virgo – Honor, Millicent, Anona, Dimitri, Coty
    • Libra – Cosima, Opal, Lamont, Sanfred, Zedekiah 
    • Scorpio – Zillah, Sloane, Earnest
    • Sagittarius – Ascella, Bowman, Artemis 
    • Capricorn – Arianelle, Nyala, Giles, Montgomery, Hamilton
    • Aquarius – Yulin, Franklin, Gwen, Charity 
    • Pisces – Lake, Sidney, Cordelia, Jocelyn, Fable

    What is my moon sign and how do I calculate it?

    Your Moon sign holds the key to understanding your emotions and deeper nature.

    So, what’s yours?

    Because of the moon’s rotation around Earth, you need to know the location of your birth to discover your lunar chart placement.

    The moon moves quickly around the zodiac, visiting each sign for about two and a half days.

    Here’s how to calculate your Moon sign:

    • Find out the exact time you were born – the more precise, the more accurate your natal chart will be
    • Keep in mind your date and location of birth – to figure out where the moon was when you were born
    • Use a free astrology birth chart calculator to get your full chart – including your Sun, Moon and Rising sign

    Is your star sign fixed, cardinal or mutable?

    Finding out whether you are a fixed, mutable or cardinal sign can help you make sense of why your energy is so different from your colleagues or why, for instance, you could be scared of commitment.

    Here’s a look at which of the above your star sign is.

    • Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, & Capricorn
    • Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius
    • Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, & Pisces

    You can find out more here.

    Which zodiac sign are you?

    Check out this handy guide to find out which zodiac sign YOU are.

    • Aries—March 21-April 19.
    • Taurus—April 20-May 20.
    • Gemini—May 21-June 20.
    • Cancer—June 21-July 22.
    • Leo—July 23-August 22.
    • Virgo—August 23-September 22.
    • Libra—September 23-October 22.
    • Scorpio—October 23-November 21.
    • Sagittarius—November 22-December 21 
    • Capricorn—December 22-January 19 
    • Aquarius—Jan 20-Feb 18 
    • Pisces—Feb 19-March 20 

    Which celebrities are Aquarians?

    There are loads of famous Aquarians out there – from talk show queen Oprah Winfrey to pop sensation Ed Sheeran.

    • Harry Styles
    • Cristiano Ronaldo
    • Ed Sheeran
    • Ellen DeGeneres
    • Michael Jordan
    • Justin Timberlake
    • Shakira
    • Oprah Winfrey
    • Henry Moore

      Where does the Zodiac come from?

      The Zodiac is the term used to describe the circle of 12 divisions of celestial longitude that are centred upon the path of the sun.

      The 12 divisions share the names we know as our star signs.

      The term zodiac derives from Latin zōdiacus – meaning “circle of animals”.

      Throughout history, the zodiac has been used to predict or echo characteristics of personality.

    • Henry Moore

      Everything Cancers need to know about today

      Here is what Mystic Meg predicted:

      "Your Mercury and Neptune mix shows you’re ready to put in the relationship work, but not everyone is at the same stage, or on the same page, as you.

      "Time apart – from friends, family, or workmates -can help. 

      "As for passion, if shared secrets are too much of a strain it’s time to consider sharing them. 

      "Cash luck links two April birthdays."

    • Henry Moore

      What should Geminis expect from today?

      Mystic Meg revealed: "It’s tempting to keep feelings hidden as the moon and Pluto together open your heart.

      "But do try to take a fresh approach and be honest with a partner about any negatives, as well as every positive.

      "If you’re single, you may clash the first moment you meet, but you should still give a scene-stealing Leo a love-chance.

      " '“B”' cash is on its way back."

    • Henry Moore

      Mystic Meg reveals all for Taurus signs

      She said: "You’re the most emotionally instinctive sign, thanks to the moon, but this could overload your tender heart.

      "When you truly believe in equal romance, and are prepared to prove it, so much can change.

      "Meanwhile, if you find a lot of your family or friendship heat is being given to projects or people that leave you lukewarm, this is your day to change."

    • Henry Moore

      What should Aries signs expect from today?

      Mystic Meg said: "Crunching numbers can be your natural skill today, even if you don’t realise it – so start counting up, or counting down – and this time, keep going.

      "Twins, or two-part names, can be lucky for you, and dividing a challenging task in half, can get it done twice as fast.

      "In passion terms, partners at every stage can be closer than ever before."

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