My wife picked matching names for our twins – she thinks it’s cute but I know it’ll annoy them for life | The Sun

My wife picked matching names for our twins – she thinks it’s cute but I know it’ll annoy them for life | The Sun

PICKING the perfect name for your newborn is tricky at the best of times, but when you've got twins to name it becomes even harder.

One mum decided to give her twins matching monikers because she thought it would be cute, but her husband was less than impressed.

Posting on Reddit, the new dad, who is a twin himself, aired his concerns, admitting he told his wife he hated the names from the get-go.

"My wife and I have recently been deciding names for our twins and she wants them to be matching. I said I don't like this idea," he wrote.

But the dad's reasoning seemed to make sense, since he has a twin sister and couldn't stand matching with her when they were growing up.

Despite his concerns, the mum was adamant the names were cute.


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"She says it's cute, but I told her for the sake of our kids, lets not do the matching name thing and only make them match on things they both want to," he explained.

But when his mother-in-law also insisted the matching names were a great idea he was outnumbered.

"Children are individuals. I hate watching people try and make their twins like two identical people when I promise you that is very unlikely to happen.

"If they wanna match, let them, but don't force them to look more like their twin than they already do if they don't want to," the dad continued.

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Other Reddit users agreed trying to be an individual as a twin is hard enough as it is, so matching names are a no-no.

One commented: "As someone who looks after children for work, I've seen so many poor, poor children who have awful names because their parents clearly weren't thinking.

"Parents don't seem to think of the child when naming them and what they will have to go through for their 'unique' name.

Another agreed, siding with the dad: "You are the one with actual experience being a twin. Your wife should listen to you on this one."

"Twins need to be treated as two individuals, not half of a matching set, another wrote.

"I have seen numerous twins while teaching. The ones that do the best are the ones who are treated as simply two siblings – not made to be a set," someone else commented.

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