My six-month-old baby is toilet trained – he grunts when he needs to go, I just dangle him over the loo | The Sun

My six-month-old baby is toilet trained – he grunts when he needs to go, I just dangle him over the loo | The Sun

ANY parent knows what a nightmare potty training your toddler is.

But one savvy mum manged to avoid years with of nappies and potty struggles by toilet training her six-month-old.

The mum, who posts online as @squillymama, recently shared a video showing how she's managed to keep her little one mess-free.

In the video, the mum sits with her legs crossed on the bathroom floor as she holds the tiny tot in place over the loo.

The baby seemed quite happy to do his business there and and giggled away as he was help in place my his mum.

She said: "For the first time ever squilly let me know he had to go to the bathroom while we were at the doctors!


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"He signs or grunts to let me know when he was to go!"

The mum asked other parents for their best tips and tricks "elimination communication" to make the process even easier.

In a previous post, the mum explained she started the elimination communication training with her tot when he was just five-months-old.

The idea of the training is for the mum to pick up on cues and signals that the little one needs to go to the toilet so they don't have to wear nappies.

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"We introduced the potty at the same time we started solids. In less than a week all of his bowel movements were on the toilet," she explained.

In fact, it might seem strange, but the mum revealed her tot hasn't had an accident in at least two months because the mum knows his routine.

She said: "He uses the potty after waking up, after meals, and before bed."

Other parents loved the method and flooded the comment section with their own experience.

One wrote: "I did the same with my kids, works amazing for us."

A second said: "Amazing! Babies are born ready! Either we teach them to go in a nappy away from natural instinct or we teach them the appropriate place from the start."

Not everyone was convinced though, one TikTok user wrote: "He can't even sit up himself so he's not potty trained."

And another slammed: "Anyone can but their baby on a toilet and say 'oh my baby's potty trained at six months.'

"It's a competition between mom's at mommy and me, terrible."

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