My sister told me to get hair extensions for her wedding because my locks were attention grabbing… so I got a pixie cut | The Sun

My sister told me to get hair extensions for her wedding because my locks were attention grabbing… so I got a pixie cut | The Sun

A WOMAN confessed that she chopped all of her hair off after her sister insisted that she got extensions to be a bridesmaid at her wedding.

The sister reckoned her short hair was 'too attention grabbing' before the big chop.

The hair hopeful shared on Reddit: "My sister is getting married soon and picked me as one of her bridesmaids.

"I’ve always had short hair as I think it looks best on me but I usually keep it chin length and not shorter."

However, when the sister explained that she expected her to get extensions for the day the Reddit user refused.

"I told her that I won’t be getting hair extensions as I don’t like how I look with long hair and that I didn’t want to spend money on extensions that I’ll have in for one night only."

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Although she thought that was the end of the discussed, her sister then called a few weeks later to see if she'd booked a hair appointment yet, since she wanted to approve the stylist beforehand.

"I once again said I wasn’t getting hair extensions, she then replied saying that it 'wasn’t up for discussion' and that I should pick or she’ll pick someone for me," the user explained.

After reluctantly finding a stylist that could do hair extensions, she sent sent the Instagram page to her sister for approval.

"She liked her work and texted back saying that it looks great and I should go for it, so I went for it…except I cut my hair even shorter and got a pixie cut."

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Afterwards she sent a snap of her new look to her sister, who immediately called their mum, saying that she was ruining the wedding.

She added: "They’re still trying to get me to get hair extensions and my sister threatened to uninvite me from the wedding if I don’t."

"I might be the a**hole since my sister feels like I’m ruining her wedding and the whole situation is causing unnecessary drama that adds more stress to the already existing stress of planning a wedding," the user confessed.

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