My Shein haul was an absolute fail – my boobs were falling out of the bikini and the dress was a massive shambles | The Sun

My Shein haul was an absolute fail – my boobs were falling out of the bikini and the dress was a massive shambles | The Sun

GETTING clothes that fit perfectly can be hard and online shopping is something that lots of people struggle with.

Many of us will have ordered something online before and found ourselves disappointed when it has arrived – whether that’s because it doesn’t fit or looks completely different from the online image.

One woman has taken to TikTok to show off her Shein haul, but was left stunned when not only did nothing fit her, but one item was completely different from the picture she saw online. 

Shein are known for their bargain clothes and brilliant bikinis, but if you’ve never ordered from there before, it is advised to really read the size guide, to ensure your new purchase will fit you well. 

TikTok user Miss Valerie shared her Shein haul on social media and uploaded the video with the caption ‘never again Shein bye’. 

She said: “Big boob girl vs Shein. 

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“I ordered from Shein, I usually don’t order from Shein, for many reasons, but I had to do it this time because I am extremely broke and my holiday is coming up and I need to wear something – I can’t go naked to Portugal can I?

“Anyway, you’re coming for a ride with me, you’re trying this with me and seeing how it looks on my body, which is another problem as well because the sizing in Shein is wrong.

“The first dress is this colourful dress, I quite like it, I think it’s summery and vibey, I’m just worried as to where my boobs are going to go.”

The TikToker tried on the patterned print cami dress but was left stunned at the very strange fit. 

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She explained: “I’ve got a few problems with this dress – this strap is so uncomfortable on your side, it always falls down.

“Overall, it’s so messy and it's a bit baggy so I think it makes me look bigger than I am.”

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Next up, the social media user tried on the black triangle bikini top, but was stunned when it barely covered her boobs. 

The TikTok user continued: “The next bad boy is this set, it’s see-through, it comes with the underwear set as well, which I’m very worried about, as that to me looks more like a nipple cover.

“If I move right now…That was very explicit, but in what world is this large, how are my t*****s supposed to fit in that?”

Finally, the fashion fan tried on what she thought was going to be a glamorous print cami dress but was horrified when the item she received was nothing like what she had ordered.

Prior to trying on the dress, the social media user said: “And the final dress that I am so excited for is this gorgeous beauty”, as she showed off what the dress looked like online.

However, moments later, we see the woman wearing a dress, that looks completely different to the picture.

She not only looks fuming but is stunned and said: “I have nothing to say”. 

This fashion fan’s video has clearly left many people shocked, as it has quickly racked up 18.5million views.

It has 2.6million likes, 9,776 comments and 3,736 shares. 

Social media users were shocked at the haul, in particular with how different the final dress looked compared to the online image. 

One person said: “SHEIN is a hit or miss, that's why I only buy clothes where the reviews are good”. 

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Another added: “That last one was literally a completely different dress- they probably got it mixed up in packaging but damn”. 


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