My parents are pressuring me to adopt my late sister’s baby – but I want nothing to do with it | The Sun

My parents are pressuring me to adopt my late sister’s baby – but I want nothing to do with it | The Sun

A WOMAN has confessed she doesn't want to adopt her late sister's baby despite pressure from her parents.

Laura said that her parents slammed her as "heartless" after she explained she wants nothing to do with the four-year-old child.

Taking it to Reddit the woman explained that she had vowed not to speak to her sister Jemma again after she discovered her affair with her ex-partner Chris.

Laura said she was left heartbroken and when she found out that Jemma had fallen pregnant, she vowed not to speak to her sister again.

The pair who had an intense on-and-off relationship, died in a car accident together leaving behind a four-year-old child.

Laura said in a Reddit post: "They died in a car accident recently.

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"A lot of people assumed they were arguing and not focusing on the road."

The child has ended up in foster care as Laura's parents are not well enough to look after them.

Laura' says her parents keep pushing her to adopt the child and even used the "what will people think" argument to convince her.

She explained she is now in a happy relationship with Luke and even though her parents have begged her to reconsider she is adamant she wants nothing to do with the child.

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She said: "I told them I would not be a good fit to raise the child and I was sorry, but that was the end of the discussion. Luke was with me.

"They begged me again to reconsider and said imagine how nice it would be to know my niece or nephew, to have a child who is part of our family kept in our family.

"They told me to think about how good it will look, for me, the betrayed sister and ex-fiancee to have enough love and compassion to raise the child that was conceived out of said betrayal… they said people would think I’m a saint.

"They told me I was heartless and asked how I could not care about a child who is my own flesh and blood, who has been tossed around the system in just a few weeks. The child has been in four homes already."

Redditors were quick to side with her and were supportive arguing that having a child is a big and personal decision.

One said: "sad as it is having the child at home will remind you of your ex and sister's betrayal, plus their death.

"I would be insulted by the fact that they think you should do it to look good."

Someone commented: "I can't imagine a betrayed ex to be a good step mother for an orphaned child. Least when the person went NC with family of that betrayal.

"Sounds more like the ideal setup for an evil stepmother."

Another one said: "Raising a child, even a relation, is no small obligation.

"You need to be 100% on board or you and the child will suffer. And doing it to 'look good' is the absolute wrong motivation."

And one agreed: "the child deserves a loving home. You do not believe you can provide that. You are right to say no."

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While someone tried to see her parents' perspective: "I think they’re desperate. They’re trying everything they can.

"I’m sure they’re heartbroken and not thinking clearly."

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