My nightmare neighbours keep throwing dirty nappies in the road- they've been out for over a week, it's absolutely grim | The Sun

My nightmare neighbours keep throwing dirty nappies in the road- they've been out for over a week, it's absolutely grim | The Sun

ENDLESS cuddles, midnight feeds, seeing them experience the world for the first time – there are lots of things to love about those first few weeks with your baby.

But needless to say, dealing with their dirty nappies is NOT one of them.

However, it's something that usually only directly affects the parents – right? Well, not in this poor woman's case.

Earlier this month, a woman called Nicky, from Gillingham, wrote into Graham Norton's Radio Show for advice dealing with her neighbour's disgusting habit.

She explained: "My neighbour somehow thinks it's acceptable to throw their baby's dirty nappies out onto the pavement.

"This happened three times now and although I suspect who it is, I can't be quite sure as to who is doing it."

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What's more, Nicky says the problem has only been made worse by everyone else on the street ignoring it.

She continued: "Nobody seems to care and I've had to pick the disgusting things up when they've been left out there for over a week."

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Understandably, Nicky is fuming about the situation and asked for help putting an end to their behaviour.

She added: "[The person doing it] doesn't seem to realise that this is not only a health hazard but will also start to attract vandalism and crime if not dealt with. What can I do?"

As Nicky wasn't 100% certain who is to blame, the show's agony aunt Maria McErlane suggested knocking on the doors of a few parents on the road.

Giving them an idea of how they could go about it, Maria said she could say: "I've noticed there are a few nappies outside which will encourage rats and other people to put unpleasant items out."

If this didn't solve it, Maria said Nicky could threaten to approach the local Council.

However, Graham thought that maybe weren't the parents to blame at all.

He said: "Who the hell would throw a dirty nappy out on the street?

"I think this will be something like foxes or dogs getting into bins – I think that's what's happening here."

With that in mind, Graham said Nicky could knock on her neighbours' doors and remind them to secure their bin lids.

Maria added: "Well that's a nice way of thinking about it Graham […] and that would be a way round it."

"But normally in those cases, there would be lots of other things on the pavement as well."

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In order to keep the peace, the pair recommended either putting up a sign on the road reminding people of foxes.

Maria added: "I don't really want you personally getting involved Nicky because it might not end well and you have to live near these people so if the notice doesn't help, perhaps get in touch with the council and there can be a more official letter."

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