My neighbours hate my singing & have complained so much I’ll get evicted if I do it again – but I won’t stop, I love it | The Sun

My neighbours hate my singing & have complained so much I’ll get evicted if I do it again – but I won’t stop, I love it | The Sun

IT'S NOT uncommon for anyone to sing their heart out while home alone.

However, one TikTok user's love of singing has gotten them in trouble with their neighbours.

Jesse Thomas, from the US, has become a big fan of 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor – so much so, that it has made them a viral sensation.

While they have plenty of fans on the social media app, it seems their neighbours are not as thrilled.

In fact, the neighbours have become so frustrated with Jesse's rendition of the song that they have made numerous complaints to her landlord.

Now Jesse has received a letter telling them to stop singing the song or face eviction.


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In a TikTok video, Jesse wrote: "I just got a letter from my landlord that my neighbours are complaining about me singing Eye of the Tiger non-stop and if I don't stop I'll get evicted."

Of course, Jesse was still singing the song at the top of their lungs in the video.

And Jesse said they weren't going to stop, adding: "Sorry Pam, I'll never stop."

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It started with the TikTok trend of 'filming yourself when you realise you can sing' and Jesse continued to sing their heart out to the power-up anthem.

Jesse went viral with the video racking up over eight million views and continued to sing for their fans daily.

And viewers of the video couldn't believe Jesse was being threatened to stop singing, one wrote: "Complaining about a free show?"


"keep singing babe! don't let them get you down," another encouraged.

Other users were in total agreement with the neighbours though, one said: "Yeah I would complain if you did it non-stop and that loud."

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"Poor neighbours," one remarked.

A third commented: "They're complaining as they should."

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