My neighbour cleared out their dead relative’s house so I took ALL their furniture – now I plan to sell it on for profit | The Sun

My neighbour cleared out their dead relative’s house so I took ALL their furniture – now I plan to sell it on for profit | The Sun

ANY homeowner will know just how expensive furniture can be.

But one woman named Emily has told how she hit the jackpot when she rummaged through her neighbour's rubbish and nabbed a whole load of furniture for free – and now plans to sell it on for profit.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@girlwithapowerdrill), Emily, who is a furniture flipper, begins by explaining how it all started when she was digging through her neighbour's furniture that they'd put of for rubbish.

"After I got over the embarrassment, they told me they were clearing out the house of a relative that had passed away and were about to hire someone to come and pick up all of the stuff," she says.

"After finding out I was a furniture flipper, they told me I could have every piece of furniture in the house for free.

"By the time my husband and I were finished clearing out the house, I had an entire driveway filled with furniture."


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Emily then shows off some of the "beautiful pieces" she nabbed for free.


"There were so many stunning mid-century modern pieces," she explains.

"My absolute favourite are these vintage mid-century lamps.

"No strings attached – just out of the goodness of their heart they gave me bed frames, nightstands, end tables, desks and more."

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She adds: "This was the furniture flipping jackpot!"

Emily captioned the post: "A whole house worth of furniture… FOR FREE?!?

"If you need a reminder to never be ashamed to go digging in the rubbish…this is it!!!"

"You never know the opportunities that can come from digging in the trash, even if it’s your neighbours & at risk of being seen/judged.

"People discard the most amazing things."

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 72k views and several comments from social media users.

"You should give them a portion of your proceeds," wrote one.

Emily replied: "They actually told me that I was saving them a ton of money from having to hire a junk removal service!

"But I did give them some ££ as a thank you."

A second praised: "Girl! Score! Congratulations!"

A third enthused: "Those are all amazing…"

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Holy moly!"

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A further commented: "Wow, you hit the jackpot there. I will look forward seeing the transformations."

And one more chimed in: "These are awesome!"

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