My mother-in-law forced me to host for the holidays and invited 20 people without asking – that’s not the worst part

My mother-in-law forced me to host for the holidays and invited 20 people without asking – that’s not the worst part

A WOMAN has shared her frustrating holiday plans for this year with the internet. 

She claimed her mother-in-law invited 20 people to her house for Thanksgiving a week before the holiday – but that’s not the only holiday they’re celebrating.

“I don’t stress easily. But I’m at my breaking point,” the woman wrote at the beginning of her story in an anonymous post to Reddit.

She explained that she and her husband assumed his mother would be hosting Thanksgiving as she normally does every year – but were taken back when his mother asked them what their plans were just over a week before the holiday.

“This year we had absolutely no plans to travel,” the poster wrote.

“We both work A LOT. 

“I’m working even more until I can pay myself from my business.”

They answered that they were having a small dinner together, but the mother-in-law insisted on seeing who could host the family for the big day. 

After realizing it was not feasible for anyone else in the family to host Thanksgiving, the mother handed the task to her son and daughter-in-law.

“His mom asks if everyone from Christmas is invited,” the woman wrote, noting that consists of 20 people.

“And then [she] keeps inviting more.”

On top of this, the poster's husband informed her that the family would also be doing a present exchange since they won’t be around for Christmas. 

“I blew up,” she recalled.

“I’m like, ‘So now not only do I have to prep the house [and] buy food and cook for all these people, I have to figure out presents? In a week?’”

“Mentally I’m just screaming, I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.”

Even worse, once the daughter-in-law bought all the food, the mother-in-law informed her only seven people would actually be coming to the dinner.

“Y’all don’t even want to know the other things going on,” she vented.

“Family … is still living with us. 

“Some home repairs we have to get done. 

“And I work retail.”

Hopefully, the woman was comforted by the fact that she had dozens of people sympathizing with her on Reddit.

“Bro I would do nothing. 

"Go get some McDonald's while everyone comes to your house,” one user commented.

Many others told the woman to let her husband handle everything since he was the one who initially agreed to hosting and exchanging presents. 

Unsurprisingly, the poster isn’t the only person having issues related to the holidays.

One mother revealed that her son and daughter-in-law expect her to provide vegan dishes on Thanksgiving.

She instead informed them that they could provide their own meals. 

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