My 'Karen' neighbor called the cops over my ‘inappropriate’ clothes – but I’m allowed to be hot and won’t change | The Sun

My 'Karen' neighbor called the cops over my ‘inappropriate’ clothes – but I’m allowed to be hot and won’t change | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared the shocking reason cops were reportedly called on her – but she isn't letting haters stop her from being herself.

TikToker (@1mperatix) insists she's just hot – and no one can stop her from showing it off.

Imp shared the drama that unfolded in her neighborhood in a clip shared to the platform.

She filmed herself from the shoulders up while she appeared to be calmly speaking to a police officer.

She can be seen wearing a daring spiked choker and flawless makeup.

"Yesterday my neighbor called the cops on me for dressing 'inappropriately,'" she wrote in the video.

She apparently had no trouble telling police what she thought of her neighbor's report.

"I am fully dressed. She just doesn't like my style," Imp says.

"I told her, my body offends you and that's what the issue is."

"I'm allowed to exist and be hot," she told the officer.

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"And I'm going to continue to do so."

The police officer seemed to agree with Imp on the issue.

"I don't know what she expects you to do," she told police.

Commenters had questions for Imp regarding her neighborhood "Karen" situation.

"Seriously? They came?" one commenter asked, referring to the police showing up in the neighborhood.

"She's probably mad her husband be checking u out," someone else said.

A third person added: "the POLICE?!? the POLICE FOR DRESSING DIFFERENT???"

"The only reason they came was because she lied to them and said I was on her property," she replied.

Imp praised her supporters in a comment on her video.

"I'm absolutely overwhelmed with all the love and support," she exclaimed.

Many viewers were curious about the outfit, which was not fully visible in the video.

Imp delivered on her promise to share an outfit reveal and posted a follow-up video showing off her bold ensemble.

"You guys asked for it!" she captioned the clip.

"Here's the outfit reveal!"

She is seen wearing jean shorts, a halter top, and boots that came up to her thigh.

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"bro she just mad she never looked like you when she was younger," one person said.

Another said: "Tbh I had expected way more outrageous than this! You look fantastic."

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