My husband dumped me over the phone and left me for another woman – but I waited for him to come back to me – The Sun

My husband dumped me over the phone and left me for another woman – but I waited for him to come back to me – The Sun

WHEN Ashley Stockell's husband didn't come home one day, she was immediately worried and phoned to check up on him.

The mum-of-three, from Austin, Texas, was left reeling when Josh revealed he was leaving her for another woman, before switching off his phone.

Infidelity is horrific. It wreaks havoc on the marriage, the family, the extended family, friendships, and last but certainly not least, the Church. We limped through it a few years ago when he was unfaithful and then our marriage was on it’s deathbed… But, God can heal those on their deathbeds…and even breathe life into the dead! Jesus has a way of doing that. He can redeem what can seem so unredeemable!The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.Lamentations 3:25-26 I can tell you for certain that THIS. IS. TRUE. God sees our obedience and dependence upon Him…even if it’s only one of you for a while, while you fight for your spouse in and through prayer. This picture is a picture of two people who have a redeemed, imperfect, but thriving marriage, in Christ alone.This covenant marriage has been through the fire, but all praise to God, has come out the other side a little more refined…with scars (some self inflicted and some not)…but scars to tell a story that gives God ALL glory, ALL praise and a story to give you hope in your own situation. HE has saved our covenant by His grace and mercy. Need Hope for your marriage? We’re here to tell you about He who IS Hope.If you’d like to hear more, you can read my new blog post. Link in bio:)

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Writing for Love What Matters, Ashley says she cried all night while her friends tried to comfort her – but nothing could ease her pain.

She explained: "Sad isn’t a sufficient word for the way I felt when he told me he wasn’t coming home. My heart was broken – half of me had been ripped away."

Despite Josh's betrayal, Ashley knew she wanted to stick by the vows she made to her husband .

She added: "I had stood before God and promised to love this man and to do that in sickness and in health, in the good times and bad, for better or for worse. Did I mean that? …YES. Yes, I did."

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Amazingly, Ashley put her hurt aside and waited for Josh to realise he had made a mistake for three long months.

Two weeks after leaving, Josh texted to ask Ashley if there was still hope for them.

She immediately told him there was, but says Josh didn't reply to her message.

For three months, Josh and Ashley would meet at parks or fast food restaurants, so he could see his three kids.

She said: "They were pretty awkward meetings at first, but every time we’d meet, I would notice Josh’s heart getting a little softer. The date of our coming divorce was looming."

Then one day, Josh and Ashley if he could come back home.

She hesitantly agreed, but said he had to earn her trust before he was allowed to move back in.

Doting dad Josh began visiting every day after work and on weekends, as well as going to couple's counselling with his wife.

On July 25, Josh finally returned home to his wife and kids.

"Today, we’re closer than we’ve ever been," Ashley said. "Our family is loving every minute together."



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You can follow Ashley's story on her website.

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