My friends always warned me to take my massive earrings out but I never did… I absolutely should have listened to them | The Sun

My friends always warned me to take my massive earrings out but I never did… I absolutely should have listened to them | The Sun

WE reckon we always know best – but sometimes it's worth listening to what your friends say.

And unfortunately, one woman learnt it the hard way, after she kept ignoring her friends' concerns about the massive earrings she was rocking almost daily.

For a while, the TikTok user Nicole (@nicoletjeran), from the UK, could not leave the house unless she was wearing chunky earrings.

Whether it meant massive hoops or large statement jewellery in her ears, the young woman was always sporting huge earrings.

But over time, Nicole's friends started to get worried about the weight of the jewellery and how it could possibly damage her earlobes.

At the time, Nicole didn't care what they had to say and kept on rocking the earrings despite the concerns.


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However, one day she was shocked to find that one of her earlobes had split in half, demonstrating the horrifying aftermath on TikTok.

''Not even funny, making me feel sick,'' the mortified woman continued in the comments of the video.

''no more bigger the hoops.''

Uploaded just a day ago, the clip has already taken the social media platform by storm, racking up close to 460,000 views.

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And just like Nicole, TikTok fans were speechless, with one saying: ''New fear unlocked.''

Someone else had been through the same thing and told Nicole: ''This happened to me!! They can fix it.

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''And you can use the little stickers that go behind your ear to wear earrings in the meantime.''

A third shared their horror story: ''Girl same. Recently I was wearing studs with the clear backing.

''The whole clear piece went thru the hole.''

Unfortunately, Nicole is not the only one to have a bad experience with this popular jewellery – a few months ago, Primark fan, Kelsie, was left with massive holes after buying their dainty studs.

In the now-viral video, which has been viewed more than 30,000 times, the beauty fan shared snaps of what her ears looked like after allegedly rocking studs purchased from Primark.

Kelsie claimed that she had bought a pack of 12 different pairs of earrings after hearing positive reviews from her mates.

The bargain deal, which retails for £2, came with a variety of accessories – there were mini flower earrings, dainty butterflies and heart-shaped studs just to name a few.

But upon trying these on and leaving them in for a while, things took a sharp turn and the Primark lover was left with massive holes in her ears where the studs had been.

''It’s horrible there’s massive holes , feels and looks gross,'' she said whilst showing close-ups of the horrific aftermath.

To make matters worse, Kelsie added she's scared to touch any ear jewellery now.

''I don’t think I’ll be able to wear earrings again.''

And turns out, the shopper's not the only one to have had such bad experience with the bargain retailer's accessories – loads of fellow fashion fans flocked to comments to share their stories.

''I had the same thing, turned my ears black after less than a day, couldn't wear earrings after that for a solid 2 months,'' one mortified TikTok user wrote.

A mum added: ''literally just happened to me and my daughter only had them in for a few hours hope your OK now [sic].''

Someone else commented: ''happened to my thirds they were so gross & infected.''

''wore same ones for legit 5 hours my ears was Killing cos of them,'' a fourth penned.

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Another thought: ''Could be a reaction to them personally I’ve never wore it as my sister use to and would turn her skin green should be okay if you keep cleaning them.''

Fabulous has contacted Primark for comment.

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