My friend was such an entitled bride – she asked for cash instead of gifts & expected £500 or guests were uninvited | The Sun

My friend was such an entitled bride – she asked for cash instead of gifts & expected £500 or guests were uninvited | The Sun

WE'VE all heard horror stories of bridezillas making unreasonable demands.

But one anonymous woman took to Reddit and explained how she was delighted to receive an invitation to her "entitled" friend's wedding – until she read the letter that came with it.

"The bride and groom had decided that they didn't want actual gifts for the wedding, instead we were each expected to give them £500, nothing less would be considered," she explained.

"Now, I'm a reenactor and knew someone at the time, who made really beautiful crystal goblets, which was what I was going to buy.

"I mentioned this to the bride and she blew up at me, calling me 'ungrateful' and saying that, unless I stumped up the money, I could expect to be uninvited, even on the day itself."


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And it turns out, she wasn't the only one that the bride had said it to – with relatives, life-long friends and workmates all being given the same ultimatum: "£500 or get lost."

The woman continued: "On the day of the wedding, there was about three guests and the in-laws.

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"I heard this later from the brother of the groom, as even the bridesmaids and best man bailed, after they were told that they were expected to put up the money as well."

The woman went on to say how the bride took to social media to have a go at some of them – even going so far as to tag lots of people in each post.

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"I think that she thought that this would shame all of us. It backfired: people ended up blocking her," she explained. "Haven't spoken to the pair in years. Don't think that I want to."

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long before the post was inundated with comments – with everyone saying the same thing.

"Maybe they thought money can buy class and realised they need a lot of it," joked one.

A second commented: "£500 is super steep for a wedding gift even for family. That’s a wild expectation."

A third penned: "It's insane. I would pay £100 for a wedding gift for friends max."

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Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Nah, your gift should be max what you can afford."

Another added: "What did she think you were supposed to be grateful for? The chance to watch her get married??"

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