My five-month-old baby weighs 23lbs – he's a chunky monkey that wears clothes for a one year-old & people love his rolls | The Sun

My five-month-old baby weighs 23lbs – he's a chunky monkey that wears clothes for a one year-old & people love his rolls | The Sun

A MOTHER has revealed that her five-month-old baby weighs a whopping 23lbs and wears clothes meant to fit a one-year-old. 

Lauren Ford, a 20-year-old mum took to TikTok, where she posts under the username @laurenford02, to share videos and pictures of her big baby. 

In a recent video, Lauren shared a variety of pictures of her adorable son Mason, who she claimed is a “mummy’s boy” and her “best friend”.

Lauren explained that she fell pregnant at 18-years-old and now has “such a handsome bubs.” 

She posted a video with the caption ‘LOVE everything about you?’

The young mum said: “Can’t help myself, love a chunky monkey.”

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She later explained that her young son is wearing clothes that fit a one-year-old and even those are getting slightly too tight for him.

She revealed: “He’s currently in 9-12 [months].

“It’s starting to become a little tight.” 

Lauren explained that her baby’s father was also a large baby.

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She noted: “His dad was exactly the same as a baby?” 

She later added: “Never known a love like it.”

Lauren’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 146.1k views.

It has 6,061 likes, 185 comments and 624 shares.

TikTok users thought Mason was adorable and were eager to express this in the comments.

Many were obsessed with his baby rolls and some thought he looked like a mini Michelin man. 

One person said: “Imagine how squishy and amazing his snuggles must be!??beautiful boy.” 

Another added: “He is so so so cute ?” 

A third commented: “my little boy was like this i just love a chubby baby with the leg and wrist rolls ?”

Whilst someone else noted: “Omg I love the rolls!! ??”

Meanwhile, another user joked: “Omg he’s a mini Michelin man!”

In another clip, the young mum revealed the things that she loves about her son Mason.

She said: “His love for food.

“Wanting to make everyone laugh.

“His goodnight kisses.

“His relationship with daddy.

“His love for rolling the ball.

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“HIs infectious smile that brightens my day.

“Having him as my best friend.”

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