My daughter found everything she's getting for Christmas – I’m fuming she snooped so I’m telling her it’s been returned | The Sun

My daughter found everything she's getting for Christmas – I’m fuming she snooped so I’m telling her it’s been returned | The Sun

WITH Christmas just around the corner everyone is stocking up on presents ready for the big day.

But one mum was fuming when her 6-year-old daughter found everything she's getting.

Sharing on Mumsnet, she explained that she keeps a notebook with all the presents for her daughter jotted down to keep track of everything.

But when her daughter decided to make a blanket fort around her work desk the mum was left convinced she'd found the lists.

"I have listed her stocking items, the items santa is bringing and then the presents we have got and what I have asked wider family to get.

"I also have lists for wider family presents, food, Xmas cards," the mum confessed.


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Although her daughter denied reading the list the mum reckons she did since she's been acting suspicious.

The mum wrote: "I'm very cross and hurt, I haven't asked her outright but I have asked her if she has anything she wants to tell me and she said no."

She removed the pages from the notebook so her daughter couldn't snoop anymore, but didn't think that was far enough.

Despite her husband assuring her it's "natural for kids to snoop," the mum wanted to leave a message in the notebook, just in case she tried to look again.

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"My initial thought is to write a message for her if she returns to the book along the lines of 'I know you have read this – all presents have been returned. Please do not look in my notebooks again.'"

Other parents thought telling her the presents had been returned was too harsh, since she already ruined the surprise for herself.

A second agreed: "She’s a child of course she read it, she’s already ruined it enough by taking the surprise element away, this does not require a punishment!"

"Chances are she could forget what she has read or become even more excited at the thought of her gifts. Either way I would try and ignore it, maybe switch a couple of gifts," another mused.

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