My date made me feel so awkward so I filmed it to keep a record and it went from bad to worse | The Sun

My date made me feel so awkward so I filmed it to keep a record and it went from bad to worse | The Sun

SHE "finally" decided to dip her toe into the dating pool to see what it was like.

But one woman was left regretting her decision, after the man she went out with made her feel more than a little uncomfortable.

Talisa surreptitiously recorded the end of her date, when they were discussing who would pick up the bill, and shared the toe-curlingly awkward footage on her TikTok page.

"Well I really appreciate it. Should I cover my half or…?" she began.

To which the man said that he'd take care of it.

"Are you sure?" she said.

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"Thank you so much, it was delicious.

"But I’m going to probably head up because it’s late and I have to get up early in the morning…"

As Talisa appeared to be staying in a hotel, he then offered to walk her to her room.

"Um, I don’t know if they allow if you’re not staying in the hotel," she said.

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"It would just be easier if you… But I appreciate dinner."

"Oh I get it," he said.

'No, no no, it’s not like that. It’s been fun," she insisted.

"No, no, no I get it. It’s alright. A man pays for dinner and…" he sighed.

Talisa then told her date that she doesn't "f**k on the first date", to which he asked, "Who said that?"

"You’ve been acting like it this entire time," Talisa replied.

"Yeah okay, alright. You just wanted a free meal. Understood," the man replied.

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"No, no. First off I have no problem paying for my own bill to avoid something like this," Talisa said.

"Oh okay. Then go for it. Do it. Yeah. F**k it," he replied.

When she asked if he was serious, he said: "Yep, just do it. Pay for your own bill."

"You’re a f**king a**ehole," Talisa concluded.

She added in her video caption: "Dating in 2022 be like… #sotransactional #firstdate ##epicfail##dating #cityboys #nomanners."

"This is EXACTLY why I pay for my own meal on the first date!!!!!" one person commented on Talisa's video.

"I don't want any man to think that I owe him even so much as a hug!!!!"

"Y’all thinking all this hassle is for a FREE MEAL?!" another commented.

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"No woman wants to go thru this even for Free!"

"No one should feel pressured to sleep with someone for a meal," a third wrote.

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