My boyfriend lied about having cancer and was actually two-timing me, so I set up a group to bust other cheaters

My boyfriend lied about having cancer and was actually two-timing me, so I set up a group to bust other cheaters

A MUM was left reeling after learning her online boyfriend was cheating on her – so she decided to put her bad experience to good use.

Sarah Webb, 35, from Leeds, set up a Facebook group for women across Yorkshire to report abusive, lying and cheating men.

The group ‘Who’s talking to who – Yorkshire’ was set up last year after Sarah had a negative experience using online dating apps.

She intended for the group to be used as a support network for women who were sharing similar experiences.

Sarah told LeedsLive that she drew inspiration from two nationwide Facebook groups – ‘Who’s talking to who’ and ‘Prick Adviser’.

The mum had been through heartbreak herself after discovering a man she met online had been lying to her about his cancer diagnoses, as well as cheating on her.

During their relationship Sarah was led to believe the man she had fallen for was terminally ill, which meant that she would go days without seeing him or even being unreachable.

Her heartbreak occurred when a woman sent her a Facebook message confessing that she was also in a relationship with the same man.

The truth became a harder pill to swallow after it was revealed that her boyfriend had also been seeing two other women as well.

Sarah told LeedsLive: “I set up the group last year after I had a very bad experience with online dating.

"I was seeing a guy for around nine months and out of the blue a girl messaged me saying she had been seeing him for three years and he had also been seeing two others.”

Sarah revealed that the cheater had told her and her daughters that he was suffering from cancer and was going through treatment, when in fact it was one of the other woman he was seeing who had cancer.

She claimed that’s how the love rat knew so much about the illness.

The mum said: “Online dating is a minefield and there are loads of men that are in relationships or are abusive and I think it’s good to have a support group where woman can come together to talk about it.”

After Sarah learned the truth she confronted her cheating partner, but instead of coming clean, hr blocked her.

Sarah hopes the Facebook group will help catch cheaters and stop other women going through the same experience she did.

When asked if she ever suspected anything suspicious, Sarah said: “"He was very weird about his phone wouldn’t use it near me and I only saw him twice a week he made up excuses like he was tired from the chemotherapy or work."

After the heartbreak she suffered, Sarah has moved on and is in a new relationship with a man she met through a mutual friend.

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