My boobs used to be huge, I had to wear TWO XXL sports bras – they're now way smaller & I'm closer to my dream body | The Sun

My boobs used to be huge, I had to wear TWO XXL sports bras – they're now way smaller & I'm closer to my dream body | The Sun

A SINGLETON who wore TWO XXL sports bras at once to contain her giant 42F bust claims breast reduction surgery transformed her life and is on track to achieve her 'dream body'.

Kamryn Slivoskey said that she'd always been sporty but when her boobs became big at around 16, she suffered back and neck pain and struggled being able to exercise comfortably.

The 23-year-old claims they soon became disproportionate to the rest of her petite 5ft 4in frame and too big to fit in normal bras, which left her with no motivation to be active, so she began leading a 'lazy lifestyle'.

The recruitment associate consultant claims her big bust saw her struggle with low self esteem surrounding her body, and a 'constant commentary' on their size only made matters worse.

In a bid for a better quality of life, the former business and marketing student looked into having a breast reduction, biting the bullet in August 2020 and having the procedure.

The fitness lover claims her life has since done a 'complete 360' as having them reduced by four cups has catapulted her into leading a healthy and active lifestyle, even dropping six dress sizes.

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The weight lifter, who doesn't have a single negative thing to say about the results of the op, said she now feels healthier and happier than ever and far more confident in her own skin.

Kamryn, who lives in Manchester, Greater Manchester, said: "It was 100% life-changing. It led me to be the person I am now, and that I'm becoming.

"I always say it was the best decision that I could have ever made in my life and I'm very thankful that my parents and family were supportive.

"My bust definitely held me back. My life has done a complete 360 in so many different aspects, in terms of the lifestyle I lead now and habits that I've changed.

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"I've set myself goals in terms of where I want to be, but in the past year because I've made such big changes, I've really seen a difference and am happy with the progress I've made.

"I still have goals by summer to drop some more and become more toned from weight lifting, but I'm very much content where I am at now, and on my way to having my absolute dream body."

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Kamryn enjoyed playing softball and basketball throughout high school but as she grew a big bust, this became more and more difficult.

Before her surgery was a dress size 22 and would drown her torso in baggy oversized clothes.

Kamryn said: "I suffered with back pain very badly. It really took a toll on me not only physically, but also mentally.

''I just had no motivation to be active and really hit a low point where I just felt quite hopeless.

"It really created some bad habits in my life.

''I started to not eat as healthily and gained a bit of weight, and overall had a really low self esteem regarding my body image.

"I never actually properly fitted into actual bras, I'd always wear one or two sports bras.

''I thought wearing them would make them look a little bit smaller and they were more comfortable.

"They'd be XXL and even then wouldn't really fit well, I had overhang on the side or at the top.

"At times I hated to even look at myself in the mirror. I didn't like the way I looked, I wasn't happy with any part of my body.

"My bust held me back socially. I didn't want to go out on the lake with my friends on the weekend or stuff like that because I was so self-conscious.

"I'd get a lot of comments, not from people trying to be malicious, but saying how big they are like ''those are massive', 'those are so big' and 'how do you deal with that?'

"That would tend to make me feel even more insecure.

''There was a constant commentary about how big they are."

The 23-year-old decided to have the op in June 2020 and went under the knife that August.

She now hits the gym six days a week, completed her first half marathon last October and is currently training for more this year.

She's now a size 8-10 and a 34C bra size.

Kamryn said: "Post surgery there was automatically such a big difference as they took five pounds off my chest, so I already saw myself in a completely different way and over time built up better habits and the motivation to continue going.

"I've been more comfortable wearing a skin tight dress or crop top on a night out.

''I can do those things and not think 'oh my gosh is someone looking at me and how big my breasts are?'.

"Now, I still have bad body image days.

''However I feel like I've grown so much more confident and am much happier in my own skin.

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"I'd tell others who may be in a similar situation considering getting the surgery to do their research and find a good doctor.

"It may not be something that everyone wants to do, because it's a big thing, however every single person I've spoken to that's had it done, has said the exact same thing –  that it's changed their life completely."

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