Mums are sharing the most ‘ingenious’ ways they’re save money including how they always get cut-price cards and presents | The Sun

Mums are sharing the most ‘ingenious’ ways they’re save money including how they always get cut-price cards and presents | The Sun

PLENTY of parents are feeling the pinch this time of year.

From the cost of living crisis to having to spent hundreds on school uniforms for the new school year.

Fortunately, mums have banded together to reveal some of their most 'ingenious' money saving tips.

Taking to Mumsnet, one mum asked others for their clever tips that people wouldn't know about before revealing her own.

She wrote: "A visit to the card factory for cheap cards and gift bags and then picking up presents from car boot sales or charity shops.

"I have got some brilliant kids party presents for 50p so with the card and a cheap gift bag I have brought the cost of a present in for a pound before."

And mums quickly added to the thread, another anonymous user revealed they don't spend any money on broadband internet.


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"Instead of buying broadband I just hotspot from my mobile. 100GB is enough for me to do everything I need, including copious Zoom calls. This costs £10 per month," they added.

Another user recommended showering and getting ready at the gym to save money on energy costs and hot water bills.

One mum-of-four confessed to taking extreme measures to reduce her water bill to just £1 a month.

She revealed her family cut out baths all together, and have very quick showers.

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If that wasn't enough she also keep the plug in so she can use the shower water to mop floors or water her garden.

For tips on not using your hob for as long, one suggested: "When you make mash cut the spuds in to tiny cubes, bring to the boil for a minute then leave the lid on with the power off.

"Cook themselves after a while."

Another added the trick also works for pasta and rice as well.

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