Mum warns parents about kids playing outside in the heatwave after baby suffers second degree burns from a garden hose pipe | The Sun

Mum warns parents about kids playing outside in the heatwave after baby suffers second degree burns from a garden hose pipe | The Sun

A MUM-OF-THREE has issued a heartbreaking warning to all parents about kids play in a heatwave, after a little boy suffered second-degree burns from a garden hose pipe.

Stacey, who runs Daisy First Aid Redhill & Croydon, took to Facebook to share an image of the nine-month-old baby, explaining not many people realise how dangerous hose pipes can be during hot weather.

"I've wanted to cry every time I've seen this photo but it's important to share," she wrote in 2019.

"Two years ago, this baby suffered second-degree burns over 30 per cent of his body from being accidentally sprayed with a garden hose and firefighters have issued a fresh warning recently.

"Hoping to prevent this type of accident happening again, the fire department warned: 'A garden hose exposed to direct sunlight during the summer can heat the water inside the hose (not flowing) to 130-140 degrees Farenheit [54-60C] which can cause burns especially to children and animals.

"'Let the water flow a few minutes to cool before spraying on people or animals.'"

Nicholas Woodger, from Arizona, was sitting in his paddling pool waiting for mum Dominique to fill it up, when the tragic accident occurred.

But, to her horror, when she sprayed her boy with the water in the hose, a stream of boiling liquid emerged.



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Nicholas suffered second-degree burns to 30 per cent of his body, but was not permanently scarred.

Dominique said: “I thought he was crying because he was mad, because he hates when he gets sprayed in the face. I didn’t think that it was burning him.

“Just be careful. Just touch it before you spray, before you let your kids near it."

Stacey – who won Franchisee of the Year at The Family Network Awards this year – added that not many people would immediately think of the hazard, but with the temperatures set to reach 37C in London this week, it's certainly worth the reminder.

And followers were in complete shock at the post, with hundreds revealing they would have never thought it could be a danger.

One wrote: "Thank you for sharing, I had no idea water from a hose could get this hot."

While another commented: "Many people would do this without knowing the consequences, I will share so more become aware."

Another explained: "Thanks for sharing, I always hose the dog after a walk in summer and I've never thought of this!"

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