Mum uses £5 three-ingredient trick to clean seven-year-old window stains – and the results are amazing

Mum uses £5 three-ingredient trick to clean seven-year-old window stains – and the results are amazing

If you’re sick of spending an afternoon trying to remove the grime from your windows to let the light in, then these kitchen cupboard essentials could be the answer to your prayers.

A mum has shared her unbelievably easy trick for getting rid of seven year’s worth of grime, after trying “everything” else failed.

The parent from Australia shared her hack online, uploading astonishing before and after photos on Facebook.

She posted: “You would not believe the things I've tried to get these windows cleaned… I've scrubbed, I've cursed, I've cried.

“I even told myself that one day I would brick it in.

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“So thank you for sharing the vinegar and dishwashing liquid trick.”

She revealed that a simple solution of white wine vinegar, dishwashing liquid and a ‘magic eraser’ managed to shift years of calcium build up from her windows – with no “harsh scrubbing”.

The thrifty mum made up the mixture using three parts vinegar and one part dishwashing liquid, before pouring it into a spray bottle and using it on the windows.

And it seems the formula is a tried and tested method, with another mum raving about a similar solution.

In an attempt to get rid of the foggy effect of her glass shower door, another mum confessed she too had tried nearly everything on the market.

The Daily Mail quoted her saying: “Okay so I am never one to post on these sites… I always just secretly stalk them… But I need to share this.

“I have tried SO MANY products to clean my shower glass and get the scum off… Exit Mould, Ajax bathroom spray, Koh, Ekoworx and their diamond sponge… and nothing worked.

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“I saw a post tonight about using a dishwand with detergent and rinse aid and thought YOLO.”

After trying it, others also sang its praises, writing: “Yep. Changed my life. Best. Cleaning. Hack. EVER.”

Another wrote: “I tried this today and its the most effective cleaning hack.”

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