Mum reveals how to bag FREE Nintendo games this Christmas – and it’ll keep the kids busy for hours

Mum reveals how to bag FREE Nintendo games this Christmas – and it’ll keep the kids busy for hours

IF you’re spending more time at home than you originally planned this Christmas due to new rules, you could be wondering how to keep the kids entertained. 

If you need a little peace and quiet after you’ve watched hours of festive films and played board games with your family, a mum has shared her nifty Nintendo hack. 

She discovered you can download scores of games for free, while others are a mere 89p, which should keep children busy for hours – allowing parents some downtime over Christmas. 

The mum shared her find to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, saying:If people are struggling Nintendo switch games for children especially with small children go onto the Nintendo site there’s loads free and there’s loads starting at 89p.

“I don’t know how long it’s on for I’ve downloaded a few for me.”

And for anyone who’s already wrapped up a console for the kids, the mum added: “Goes onto your account, I did mine online if it is wrapped.”

She shared a screengrab showing all the games on offer, including Pac Man and three Pinball games for free.

Her life-saving tip has racked up more than 4,000 comments, as frazzled parents thanked the mum for sharing her brilliant discovery. 

Commenting online, one woman said: “I’ll have a look.”

Another commented: “Lots to download when they get them.”

A third raved: “Will have to look for the kids.”

While this parent added: “Ooh that’s good.”

Plus a woman was stunned after finding a secret games room hidden room behind a bookcase in her new home.

Meanwhile this savvy mum turns tiny cupboard into amazing gaming room for her son.

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